I am originally from St. Louis, but my experience working in higher ed began while teaching as an adjunct in Nicaragua in 2017. At this juncture in my career, I have primarily worked in educational administration, instructional design, and project management. I joined Southeast Online as the Online Instructional Coordinator in November 2020, and have relished the opportunity to collaborate with our outstanding faculty and staff. My day-to-day typically entails designing courses, providing support to faculty, curating knowledge on best practices, and contributing to strategic planning for our department.

Outside the office, I enjoy running, piecing together my French, writing to further human rights in Nicaragua and Syria, and cooking just about anything with garlic.

Recently Published Works

When Daniel Ortega cracked down on peaceful protests in April 2018, Nicaraguans around the world began calling for his resignation. My master's thesis from Columbia University examines what compels Nicaraguans in NY/NJ to continue dedicating substantial resources to protests, lobbying, and humanitarian action. Based on 13 months of fieldwork, I identify four motivators for my interlocutors: (1) love for homeland; (2) seeing, hearing, and experiencing injustice; (3) guilt; and (4) visions for a better Nicaragua. You can read the full version online.