River Campus Seminary 454
Mailing Address
One University Plaza, MS 7850
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
Due to my production responsibilities with the Conservatory, my office hours are by appointment only. Please me email me with your preferred time slots and I will do my best to accommodate.
I have designed scenery and properties regionally, including The Beat Theatre Collective, Ohio Light Opera, Texas Shakespeare Festival, ZACH Theatre, Thunder Bay Theatre, Tipping Point Theatre, and I am the Assistant Scenic Designer to Marisa L. Menezes for her work in NYC and China. My work has been published in American Theatre Magazine and displayed at SETC, the Design Expo at USITT, and the Kennedy Center as a part of KCACTF. Prior to joining the faculty at SEMO, I was a Scenic Designer and Art Director for Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, and in 2014 designed the lighting for The Detroit Dance City Festival with Artlab J.

I try to experiment as often as I can with productions, designs, and my personal work. It makes for a great learning opportunity for both myself and my students. I like taking non-traditional methods and utilizing them in place of traditional ones to see if they help save time, budget, or make things more sustainable. My personal art is more socially related to the LGBTQ community and showcasing the pride and beauty of the community as a whole, and of individual members. I am also a huge activist for mental health and wellness awareness. I am open and honest with everyone about my own mental wellness to help remove the stigmas surrounding therapy, medication, and self-care.

Outside of work you can find me playing videogames, spending time with friends, exploring nature, traveling, or researching geology and astronomy. I find excitement in traveling and experiencing cultures through food and architecture.

My goal is to establish a learning space that fosters open and honest communication, collaboration, and a desire to think outside the (black) box. Critical thinking and an inherent want to experiment will propel us further than we could ever plan.

Brandon M. Newton, Assistant Professor of Theatre