Stay Safe

  1. Have a preset amount of drinks for the evening, and don't exceed that amount. (Some people find keeping their bottle caps, or putting a rubber band on their wrist for each drink useful.)
  2. Alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones.
  3. Avoid drinking games.
  4. Pace your drinking to one or fewer drinks per hour
  5. Mix your own drinks so that you know how much alcohol is in each drink.
  6. Always use a Designated Driver whenever you have even one drink.
  7. Wait until both people are sober to have sex.
  8. Eat before and during drinking.
  9. Put extra ice in your drinks. The more ice that's in them, the less room there is for alcohol.
  10. Drink non-alcoholic look-a-likes after you've decided to stop drinking. (Straight Orange Juice instead of a Screwdriver, etc.)


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