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Safe Sex Tips

Eliminate Your Risk By:

  • Practicing abstinence.
  • Only having sex within a mutually monogamous relationship with a non-infected partner.

Reduce Your Risk By:

  • Limiting your number of sexual partners.
  • Knowing about your sexual partners (e.g. Do they have a large number of sexual partners? Do they have a history of S.T.I.'s?).
  • Looking for sores, discharges or other symptoms.
  • Properly using condoms: Using latex condoms and a lubricant made for condoms; Not storing condoms in a wallet, etc.
  • Condoms only protect the area that is covered, lesions outside that area can be infectious.
  • Using spermacide-nonoxyl-9.
  • Washing with soap before and after.
  • Properly using a dental dam.

Sexually Active Individuals Should Have Regular STI Checkups:

  • Symptoms are not always a reliable way to determine if a person has an STI.
  • Many people show no symptoms, or symptoms may be hard to detect.



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