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Alcohol Facts

My 21st Birthday Project

How about a free 10 inch pizza and Andy's treat for your 21st birthday?

In the fall of 2019, Southeast started this project to help students transition into the legal drinking age in a safe and happy manner. For those that choose to drink, the transition to turning 21 often includes new challenges such as drinking for the first time, drinking in a new and unfamiliar environment, and being faced with pressure to consume more than they may have in the past. By teaming up with local downtown businessess, the Redhawk Health Educators have created a 21st Birthday Care Package designed to provide students with a toolkit for a safe and enjoyable celebration.  All you have to do is sign up for a brief, one-on-one informational sessions with a Redhawk Health Educator at a dedicated time. 

We will send student's about to turn 21 an email to attend one of our informational sessions in the Student Rec Center.  As a reward for attending the session, you will be provided with a special Birthday Care Package and a special message delivered to you on your 21st birthday. All we ask in return is that after you turn 21, fill out a short, post-evaluation survey that will be sent to you via email. Thank you so much to all our sponsors who partnered up with us on this project:

Imo's, Andy's, STA, Burritoville, Buddy's, Marco's, Papa John's, Texas Roadhouse, Sugar Chic Creamery

For more information on the My 21st Birthday Project, please contact Recreation Services at 573-651-2105. Credit to Virgina Tech and Kansas State for helping us delelop this program!



Most Southeast Missouri State University Students drink in moderation. (2007 CORE Study)

Drinking is no one's choice but your own. Choose responsibly.

Factors that Influence Your B.A.C. :

  • Gender
  • Mood
  • Body Weight
  • Type of Alcohol
  • Full/Empty Stomach
  • Speed of Consumption
  • Use of Medication or Other Drugs
Alcohol Myths
Alcohol Poisoning Warning Signs
Ten Ways to Stay Safe While Drinking



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