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Only vehicles displaying state issued disabled license plates or hang-tag may park in disabled spaces. Pursuant to parking policy, faculty and staff must display the standard employee decal or hang tag in addition to the disabled license plate or disabled hang-tag when parked on campus. Students must display a perimeter parking permit in addition to the disabled license plate or disabled hang-tag when parked on campus parking lots. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to bring documentation of disabled plate and/or hang-tag into Parking Services.

If marked disabled spaces are full, parking is available in any regular parking space with a University permit and a state disabled license plate or hang-tag. For more information about services for students with disabilities, visit Disability Services.

Faculty, staff, or students who require disabled parking but do not have disabled license plates or hang tag should contact the licensing agent of the state of residency for appropriate licensing. Licenses for both permanent and temporary disabilities must be coordinated through the state licensing agent. Applicants must provide state receipts of license to verify hang tag use.

Disabled spaces are illustrated on the campus map by the wheelchair symbol. Disabled parking violations are issued pursuant to RSMO 301.142.1 and Cape Girardeau City Ordinance.

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