Redhawk Food Pantry

Mission and Overview

Established in 2017, the Redhawk Food Pantry provides food, hygiene products, and school supplies to Southeast Missouri State University students and employees in need. The mission of the Redhawk Food Pantry is to provide supplemental support to members of the campus community who struggle with food insecurity. As a supplemental service, the Redhawk Food Pantry does not supply all the food someone or a family will need for two weeks, instead it is meant to supplement your existing access to food, hygiene products, and school supplies. Additionally, the Redhawk Food Pantry encourages an educational understanding of food insecurity and provides a space for students to volunteer with their peers.

Nationally 20% of college students report having a “food insecurity” while in college (National College and University Food Bank Association). A fall 2016 student survey conducted by Southeast Student Government indicated that 15% of students reported an inadequate food supply at least four times during the fall semester.

The Redhawk Food Pantry is supported entirely by donations from the campus community, registered student organizations, Southeast Missouri State University academic departments and offices, and local community members.

Accessing the pantry is completely confidential.



Kent Library 123

Redhawk Food Pantry
One University Plaza, MS 2020
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
Noon - 4 p.m.


If you want to park to unload or pick up items, you can use the 30 minute loading zone parking spaces located in front of Dearmont Hall.

We are located at Room 123 in Textbook Rental (lower level of Kent Library).