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Some online classes may require several proctored exams. Having your exam proctored will ensure your identity and protect your academic integrity. The instructor of the course will identify when proctored exams are required (math-based courses typically require proctoring). 

Test administration is ultimately at the discretion of your instructor. Consult with him/her about which of the following proctoring options could be used for the exams in your course.

Schedule a proctor date/time through Southeast's Testing Service Office.

This option requires you to visit the Southeast main campus in Cape Girardeau, MO. The testing office is open 8 a.m. -5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Students can call and make an appointment by contacting 573-651-2836. You will need to let them know that you are an online student, what class you are in, how much time you get for the test, and the instructor's name. When you arrive, they will have to see a photo ID and you will have to sign a statement saying you are the person who is supposed to be taking the test. The Testing Services office cannot collect money directly from students so your student account will be billed the $10.

Arrange to have the exam proctored via our partner online proctoring software

Remote Proctor NOW. This allows you to complete the exam from anywhere. You will need a webcam, microphone, and sufficient internet connection. There will be a $13.50 fee for completing the exam. Your instructor can provide you with additional details if this is a valid proctoring method for your course.

Chromebooks are not compatible with the RemoteProctor interface.

Establish a remote proctor

This allows you to identify a proctor local to your area. Fees vary depending on the proctor you source and sometimes can be free. Additional information about this option is available at -