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You are probably asking yourself, why? Why give up the little spare time I have to be a part of this Online Teaching Academy? To be honest there are a lot of “teacher” duties you could do instead of being a part of the OTA. You could get grading done, prep for a course, or just take a nap.

Yes, OTA is a major time commitment. However, it is worth your time and your energy. This program will allow you to build a community with your peers, and work on a project that could contribute to online instruction. You will get to hear from experts from all over the country.

You are already a leader because you are faculty. Now, it is time to be part of a program that helps you refine your skills as a leader in the online classroom as well as be an ambassador for better online instruction!


After reviewing the program flyer, you can access the link below to apply to be part of the Online Teaching Academy.

Applicants will need to make sure that they get signatures from their chair and dean approving that they can be absent during the scheduled masterclasses. Attendance at all masterclasses is required for the program.


Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the Online Teaching Academy is to develop ambassadors that will not only promote online education at Southeast, but also act as a support service to their colleagues.

Objective 1 - Identify faculty leaders in online teaching and learning.
Objective 2 - Foster research and scholarship in the field of online teaching and learning.
Objective 3 - Create a culture of exceptional online teaching.

Program Flyer


There will be five masterclasses that each focus on one of five areas in the online teaching equation: Online Learning, Student Success, Teaching & Learning, Course Design and The Instructor.  Attendance at all mastersclasses is mandatory to satisfy the requirements of the OTA program.

Each masterclass will have a major theme on what is covered. Speakers from across the country will speak on various topics. Participants will not just listen to speakers but participate in group exercises and discussions.

Each masterclass will be held at a different location coordinating to the theme of the day. The location could be on or off campus so it is suggested that participants car pool to the off campus locations.

Snacks and lunch will be provide at all masterclasses for participants.

Online Teaching Academy Schedule
Masterclass #1 - September 5, 2018
Masterclass #2 - October 5, 2018
Masterclass #3 - November 30, 2018
Masterclass #4 - February 22, 2019
Masterclass #5 - March 22, 2019
Presentations and Graduation - April 2019

Project Teams

Each OTA Class will consist of 25 participants. The program coordinators will create five individual teams of five.

The purpose of individual teams is to come up with a proposal for an idea or research that contributes to online learning and present it in April. Individual teams will have to coordinate among themselves to set up times to meet. Each group will have to submit a written document and create a 10-minute presentation to deliver at the graduation banquet in April. These presentations can be video, PowerPoint, etc.

Beyond OTA, teams will be supported in executing ideas or engaging in further research for publication or conference presentations.

Project Guidelines and Example

Program Completion

In April all individual groups will give their 10-minute presentations. Immediately following presentations there will be a graduation ceremony.

To graduate from the OTA program participants must attend all of the masterclasses and present with their team in April. If a participant must miss a masterclass and it is approved prior to the class, then certain exceptions can be made. If a participants misses a masterclass, but still wishes to graduate they can make up missed sessions the following year. Once all requirements are met they will be considered a graduate.

Completion of the program allows participants to include the OTA on their promotion and tenure documents, are included in the annual Online Teaching Showcase and are eligible for the Provost’s Award for Excellence in Online Teaching.


Director and Information
Phone: (573) 651-2766
Fax: (573) 651-2859