BS Technology Management Requirements

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Degree Requirements

What is required to complete the Bachelor of Science in Technology Management: Technology Management option?

This is the general outline for the BS Technology Management: Technology Management option, but keep in mind that each individual situation is unique and that transfer credit will affect what is needed to graduate. You must meet all sub-requirements, even if this causes you to surpass the 120 hour minimum for the degree.

  1. General Education Requirements - 48 hours, 39 lower level (waived by certain AA degrees) + 9 hours upper level. 
  2. Major Requirements - 39 hours at 300-500 level (UI3xx and UI4xx courses will also count here)
Technology Management Requirements
Course Number Course Name Credit
IM-102 Technical Communication 3 hrs__
IM-301 Industrial Safety Supervision 3 hrs__
IM-311 Statistical Process Control 3 hrs__
IM-419 Industrial Supervision 3 hrs__
IM-506 Projects in Polytech 3 hrs__
MA-133 Plane Trigonometry 3 hrs__
MA-134 College Algebra 3 hrs__
MN-220 Engineering Economics Analysis 3 hrs__
MN-260 Technical Computer Programming Appl 3 hrs__
PH-120 Introductory Physics I 5 hrs__

Introductory Physics II
Basic Principles of Chemistry
5 hrs__
SW-207 Understanding Cult & Soc Diversity 3 hrs__
UI-410 Manufacturing Research 3 hrs__
40 hrs__

You will be awarded up to 34 credit hours for the technical courses that are part of your Associate of Applied Science degree.

Transfer Credit: 34 hrs__

MA-139 Applied Calculus 3 hrs__
Industrial Management Courses

21 hours

Course Number Course Name Credit
IM-315 Work Measurement 3 hrs__
IM-313 Facilities Planning 3 hrs__
IM-411 Total Quality Assurance 3 hrs__
IM-417 Manufacturing Resource Analysis 3 hrs__
Last 9 hours (choose from)
ET-426, ET-470, IM-455, MG-301, MG-362, MG462, MK301, QM352 or QM358 (or others as available)
9 hrs__
General Requirements for Graduation
  1. Residency at Southeast - at least 30 hours from Southeast
  2. Current residency at Southeast -12 of your final 18 hours must be taken with Southeast
  3. Grade Point Average at Southeast: 2.0 minimum required
  4. Grade Point Average Cumulative: 2.0 minimum required
  5. Grade Point Average in Major: 2.0 minimum required
  6. Writing Proficiency - WP003, 75 Hour Writing Proficiency Exam with passing score required
  7. Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress exam (MAPP)
  8. CL001, CL002, CL003 and CL004 (based upon entry year and credit hours completed previously)
Other Requirements
  1. Total hours required: 120 hours minimum required for graduation
  2. ALL required developmental courses must be completed (and do not count in 120 hour total)