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How do I apply? You can apply to the university online
I’ve been admitted, what do I do now? Please visit the Advising Center website at and click on Recently Admitted. You’ll find a checklist you can use that will walk you through your next steps.
Is there an orientation I must complete? Yes, all online students are strongly encouraged to complete an online orientation. The orientation gives students a basic understanding of university processes and helps prepare them for their first advising appointment. To be enrolled in the orientation, please contact Southeast Online at
Who do I talk to if I have questions about my transfer credit? It depends...

If you are interested in transferring to Southeast, but want an idea of how many credit hours you will need before you actually apply, please email your unofficial transcripts from all prior colleges or universities to Please include your contact information and what degree(s) you are interested in. An advisor will respond with an estimate of how many hours you’ll need to complete the program. If you want a definite answer, please apply to the university. You’ll need to request a copy of your official transcript be sent to us for every college or university you have attended.

If you’ve applied to the university, but haven’t been accepted yet, contact the Admissions office at or 573-651-2590.

If your transcripts have already been reviewed (you’ve received a letting in the mail informing you of this), you can speak with your advisor.
Will my credit hours ever expire? No, although some students may find it helpful to retake a lower-level math course to prepare to take a higher-level math course if it’s been several years since you’ve had math.
Can I earn credit for my experience? It depends...

If you are a RN-BSN student, you may be eligible to receive up to 9 credit hours of attributes. Please visit for more in-depth information.

If you are a Criminal Justice major and you attended a Law Enforcement Academy in Missouri, you may be eligible to receive 24 credit hours.
Is testing out of classes an option? It depends on the class, college credit earned by examination may be counted toward general education, major, minor or elective requirements. A maximum of 30 semester hours of combined credit by examination may be counted toward a single degree.

Currently enrolled students and students who have applied for admission but have not yet enrolled may avail themselves of the credit by examination programs. Programs include Advanced Placement (AP), and the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), DSST, Departmental Examination (DE), Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) certification, and the International Baccalaureate Organizations (IBO) program.

Students may qualify for credit by examination as long as they have earned fewer than 90 semester hours and have at no point been enrolled in the course for which they desire credit. Students should not enroll in any course for which they plan to attempt credit by examination. For mathematics exams, students may not have been enrolled in any courses from the Mathematics Department prior to attempting credit by examination. For more information and a listing of courses that you can test out of, visit or contact Testing Services at (573) 651-2836.
How will I know if courses I take at Southeast will transfer to other universities? You will need to contact the institution you’ll be transferring to. If they require a syllabus, you can contact either the instructor for the course or the academic department that the course is taught out of.
How can I see my grades? If you are currently enrolled in an online course, you can view your gradebook in Canvas.

If you want to see your grades from a previous semester, you can either log into your DegreeWorks or you can log into portal, click on the Student SS tab, and scroll down until you locate the “Student Grades” box. Choose the semester you would like to view and your grade(s) will be displayed for that semester. There is also an option to view your Midterm and Final grades.

Another way to view your grades is to view your unofficial transcript. For instructions on how to run your unofficial transcript, follow the instructions at
What is and how do I view my unofficial transcript? Your unofficial transcript is a listing of the courses you have completed in the terms you completed them. It also includes your grades and your GPA information. You can find instructions on how to view your unofficial transcript at
What classes can I take at another university and transfer here? Southeast has a useful online tool that lists universities that students transfer from most often. You can use this tool to see how courses completed at another university or college will transfer here. This is very useful if you want to take a course like a math course in person at a local community college and transfer it in. This online tool can be found at, just click on the red “Transfer Course Equivalencies” button. If the school you are looking for isn’t listed or the course you are looking at isn’t listed, you can use the form listed on the link above to request approval in advance. This is strongly recommended to ensure the course will transfer how you anticipate.
How do I enroll in online classes? You can find instructions for enrolling at You can only add or make changes to your schedule from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Most students are required to use a pin number that you’ll receive from your advisor.
Can I enroll if my transcripts haven’t been processed yet? We do not allow students to enroll until their transcripts have been evaluated. We do this for your protection by minimizing the chance of taking a course you do not need.
What classes do I need to take? You can find a listing of courses you need to complete your degree by viewing your DegreeWorks. Information on DegreeWorks is available at

Your advisor will also provide you with a list of course recommendations each semester after you request advising.
How many hours should I take a semester? The number of hours you take a semester depends on several factors. As a rule, you can plan on 9 hours a week of work for a 3-credit hour class in a 16-week format. Math courses will require substantially more hours.

If you work full-time and have an active social life, we recommend that you start off part-time with 6 credit hours. You can always add additional classes the next semester if you feel you can handle the additional hours.

We recommend starting off at 12 credit hours at the most. You can add up to 18 hours during a fall/spring semester, although we typically do not recommend it for online courses. You can always add additional hours in subsequent semesters if you feel you can handle the additional load.

It is important to not overwhelm yourself, we want you to be successful in your courses and complete your program.
When can I register for classes? You can register for classes on your priority registration day and any day after. The registration screens are only available from 7 a. m. to 9 p.m., and you’ll need your pin number in order to register. Your advisor will provide you with your priority registration date, but you can also view it at
How do I drop a course? If you need to drop a course, please check with your instructor first to see if they can assist you. Next, check the refund schedule to see what percentage, if any, you will receive back Your textbook refund is determined by its postmark or return date. Please note that your financial aid could be adversely affected by dropping a course, please consult Student Financial Services before you drop your course or 573-651-2253. Instructions for dropping can be found at
Do I have to be accepted to the university to take an online course? Yes, the system will not allow you to enroll unless you are an active student.
Why can’t I enroll? There could be several reasons why you can’t enroll. One reason is that you can only enroll between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. central standard time.

Another reason you may not be able to enroll is that the course is full, please check the seat capacity for the course and the actual enrollment. If it looks like there is a seat open, check to see if there is a waiting list. It could be that a student on the waiting list was notified and will have the option to enroll in the course.

If you are receiving a message that your pin number is incorrect, please email or call your advisor.

If you have a hold on your account, it could be preventing you from being able to enroll. To view your holds, log into and click on the Student SS tab. From there, scroll down to the Academic Profile box. At the bottom of the box is a link that says “Holds”. Click on this link to see if you have any holds. If you do, generally there is a phone number listed to call to find out what you need to do to have the hold removed.
Some courses have restrictions on them like “See Department Chair” or “See Online Advisor”. If this is the case email your advisor and let them know what class you want, the section, and what error you received.
How can I verify I am enrolled? There are a few ways to verify what you are enrolled in. One way is to view your DegreeWorks. Your DegreeWorks will allow you to also see how the course(s) you are enrolled in are counting towards your major. You can access your DegreeWorks by logging into and clicking on the Student SS tab. Then click on DegreeWorks Student.

If you only want to view your schedule for a specific semester, or if you want a printable schedule, you can log into and click on Student SS. In the Registration Tools box, click on the “Student Class Schedule with Building and Room – Weekly View”.
How do I know what courses are being offered? There are multiple ways to view the courses offered for a semester, the most popular way to view them is by following the instructions located at
How do I look up pre-requisites? Instructions for how to view pre-requisites can be viewed at
How do I get on waitlists? Depending on the department and the course, there could be several different ways to get on a waiting list. If you see a number in the “WL Cap” field on the schedule, it indicates that the course has an electronic wait list. To get on the waiting list for one of these courses, you’ll have to check the “WL Rem” column to see if there are any seats available for the wait list. If there is a number greater than 0, attempt to enroll in the course. You’ll be prompted if you want to be added to the waiting list.

Some departments keep paper waitlists for their courses and some courses just do not have wait lists. Some instructors will manage wait lists for their courses. We recommend that you contact the academic department of the faculty who is teaching the course and ask. Using the people search on website will help you find contact information. Of course, your Advisor is there to help as well.
What do I do if a class I need is full, and I can’t enroll? If the capacity of the course is less than 30, it’s a good indicator that seats are reserved for online students. Email your advisor with the course, the section number, and ask if you can be enrolled.
How do I apply for graduation? Instructions for how to apply and what you need to know to prepare for graduation can be found at
Can I attend a graduation ceremony? You can attend commencement. As part of the graduation application process, you’ll be asked to fill out candidacy papers. This is where you will order your cap and gown and notify us you intend to attend commencement. If you are unsure, please go ahead and order a cap and gown so you’ll have them just in case. It is very expensive to order them late.

If you are graduating in summer and want to participate in a commencement ceremony, you can walk during the spring semester prior to your summer graduation. You can find more information at
Will my diploma identify that I am an online student? Your diploma will not indicate that you are an online student, nor will your transcripts which is your official documentation that your degree was conferred.
Am I eligible for honors or departmental distinction? As long as you meet the requirements for honors as outlined in the undergraduate bulletin, you are eligible.
When is the graduation ceremony (commencement)? Commencement is always the Saturday following finals week during the fall and spring semesters. You can find the actual date of commencement on the commencement website under the important deadlines link.
How do I get a cap & gown? You order a cap and gown when you complete the senior papers, also referred to as candidate information. You can pick up your cap & gown up to two days prior to commencement.

If you do not want to attend commencement, but you’d still like your cap and gown mailed to you, please let your advisor know. You’ll still need to order it through the senior papers/candidate information, but your advisor can pick it up on your behalf and mail it to you.
Where do I find answers to my other questions about graduation? The commencement website is full of information. You can find the website at Make sure you read through the site and visit the FAQ there.
How do I check to see if my graduation application is approved? You can check the status by logging into portal ( and then clicking on the Student SS tab. Scroll down to the “services” box and click on “Graduation Application Status”.
What do I do if my application is denied? If your application is denied, don’t panic. Check your DegreeWorks to see if you are missing any courses. If you are transferring in credit from another university, make sure you follow the instructions, so the graduation specialists are aware that is your intention. If you are still confused why your application was denied, please contact your advisor who can help identify why it was denied.
Do I have to apply for graduation? Yes. Graduation is not an automated process. You must fill out a graduation application officially notifying us of your intent to graduate.
How much does an online class cost? Students who are in an online degree program pay an online tuition rate. You can find the current rate at
When is my bill due? You can find the financial calendar at
What types of payment are acceptable?
How do I find out if I qualify for financial aid and how much? You must fill out your FAFSA and request that your SAR is sent to Southeast. Our Financial Aid office will review your SAR and send you instructions to your Southeast email on how to accept your financial aid award. Your award will list any grants or loans you qualify for. You can then choose to accept the full amount, partial amount, or reject the award.
Do I get money back if I drop a course? It depends on when you drop the course. Please view the financial calendar at
How much does a class cost if I want to audit it (not receive credit)? If you decide to audit a class, you are still responsible for the full cost of the course.
Are there scholarships available?
Are there military benefits available to me? Please visit for Veteran Financial Options. You can also contact the Office of Military and Veterans Services at 573-651-2263 or for more information or if you have questions.
How do I view my bill? View your bill here.
What is SAP?
When will I get my refund?
Who do I contact with billing, financial aid, or scholarship questions? The office of Student Financial Services handles all financial information. Contact them 8am-5pm M-F, (9am-5pm Wed) at:
Phone: 573.651.2253
Fax: 573.651.5006
When/How do I complete my FAFSA?
What is the grade scale? As a general rule, most faculty use the grading scale listed below. However, some faculty may alter the grading scale for their course. If this is the case, you’ll be able to find the grade scale in the course syllabus.

90 – 100% = A
80 – 89.99% = B
70 – 79.99% = C
60 – 69.99% = D
How do I get a class syllabus? You can either contact the instructor who taught or is teaching the course, or you can contact the academic department.
Who do I contact if I have a question about an assignment? Your instructor is the best person to ask with questions about assignments. If you are having technical difficulties with an assignment, your first contact should be your instructor. If they are unable to assist you, you can contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 573-651-4357
Will I have to be logged on at a specific time? Courses taught at Southeast are considered asynchronous which means you do not have to log in at a specific time. Some assignments have specific dates that they have do be done at, mainly exams and quizzes, but you can work at your own pace to meet the due dates.
Can I start my class early? Some instructors will open the class early so you can start working on it early. However, it’s at the discretion of the instructor.
Can I work at my own pace? We strongly encourage you not to schedule a vacation while you are taking a class. Issues often arise where access to the internet isn’t always available as planned, causing students to miss assignments. This is especially difficult in the summer when courses are taught in a shortened time frame.

If you know you will be having surgery, please notify your instructor as soon as possible. Students often think it’s a great time to take courses because they will have time off from work and will be able to focus on their class. However, often students do not feel well enough to focus on their classes and fall behind.
What do I do if I am going to be on vacation or out on medical leave during a semester? If you want to take a break from school, please notify your advisor to let them know you don’t plan on enrolling in the subsequent semester. Also include an estimate of when you do plan on returning.
What do I do if I need to take a break from courses? You can withdraw from the university by dropping all of the courses you are enrolled in or sending an email to requesting that you be withdrawn from the university.
Is Southeast accredited? Yes, Southeast Missouri State University derives its regional accreditation status from the Higher Learning Commission.
When do classes start? You can find the academic calendar listed at
How long is my class? Most courses during the fall or spring semesters are 16-week courses, however we also offer a variety of 8-week courses. To view the courses you are enrolled in, log into and click on Student SS. In the Registration Tools box, click on the “Student Class Schedule with Building and Room – Weekly View”. The dates of the courses will be listed.
When is the last day to drop a class without failing it? Please consult the academic calendar at
When are my final exams?
I’m struggling in a class, what do I do? You should contact the instructor and let them know you’re struggling. If you feel you need additional assistance, and you live in the Cape Girardeau area, contact University Tutorial Services
How do I get my textbooks? If you can’t come to campus to get your books, you can arrange for them to be shipped using the online order form You should also check with the Bookstore to make sure you don’t need any additional supplemental materials. You can order them online at

If you come to campus, Textbook Rental is in the basement of Kent Library. The entrance is located on the east side of the Library. Make sure you have a Southeast Missouri State University ID and a copy of your schedule.
When do I have to return my textbooks? Textbooks must be returned the Monday after finals. If you are shipping them, they need to be postmarked the Monday after finals.
Do I have to rent or purchase my textbooks through Southeast? You are not required to purchase or rent books through Southeast. Be careful when ordering from online sites to make sure you are getting the correct textbook and edition.
I live outside the US, can my textbooks be shipped early? Yes, please work with Textbook Services at 573-651-2236 or and let them know your situation. They will mail you textbooks whenever possible.
How do I change my major? If you are thinking about switching majors, your first step is to review the available online majors ( Your next step is to discuss the majors you are interested in with your Advisor. Your Advisor will help you understand your options and the implications of switching your major. Once you have made your decision, email your Advisor who will update your major and introduce you to your new Advisor, if applicable.
How do I know that the classes I'm taking count towards my degree program? You can view how the courses you are currently enrolled in are counting towards your major by viewing your DegreeWorks. You can view your DegreeWorks from the Student SS tab in portal (
How do I apply to the university? Complete the application
Can I earn my degree online? For a list of degrees that can be completed online, please visit
How long will it take me to finish my degree? It depends on how many hours you need to complete your degree and how many hours you take each semester. Your advisor can help you prepare a degree plan to use as a guide.
Are there any minors available online? Certain minors can be completed online. For a listing of these minor, please visit
If my major requires an internship, do I have to complete it? In most cases yes. Online students are required to find and set up their own internships. Depending on the major, if you are unable to complete an internship you may be able to substitute the internship with a course. Your department chairperson will make this determination.
Do I need a Student ID card? You do not need a student ID, but if you plan to pick up your textbooks or if you live in the Cape Girardeau area, you might find one useful. You can find instructions on how to obtain an ID card at
Am I able to access a tutor? If you live in the Cape Girardeau area you can utilize our Tutorial Services department. You can find more information at We also have a Math Learning Center. You can find more information about this free service at
I have a learning or physical disability; can I get special accommodations? In most cases, yes. You will need to register with Disability Services in order to receive any special accommodations. For more information or to register, please contact Disability Services. You can find their information on their website at
Who do I contact for military related questions? Contact the office of Military and Veteran Services. You can find their information on their website at
Do I have access to the university library? Yes. As a student of Southeast Missouri State University, you have access to Kent Library. If you cannot physically come to the library, there are many options to access services online. You might find the information on this page particularly helpful
I feel like I need to speak with a counselor, who do I contact? You can contact our Counseling Services Department. Their information is located at If you are unable to come to campus, they may be able to provide you with resources in your area.
How do I access my online class? All courses can be accessed by going to and logging in with your Southeast key.
My course isn't showing up in Canvas, how do I fix it? First you need to verify that you are enrolled in the course and the dates of the course. If the course was supposed to have started, contact your instructor who may be able to add you manually to the class. If this doesn’t work, please contact the Help Desk at 573-651-4357.
How do I check my student email? Navigate to and use your Southeast Key to login.
There is a course in Canvas and I'm not enrolled in it, how do I get rid of it? Email the instructor and let them know that you are not enrolled in the course and ask them to remove you.
I can't remember my SE Key and/or password, how do I reset it? Visit and complete the steps.
I'm having technical trouble in my class, who do I contact? The first point of contact is the instructor. If they are unable to help you, they will refer you to the Help Desk. You can reach them at 573-651-4357.
Can I work and still complete my degree? Being in an online program offers flexibility. Many online students work while obtaining their degree.
How do I update my address and or phone number? Log into portal and click on the Student SS tab. From there click on “Banner Self-Service” and then “Personal Information”.
Where can I find my Southeast or Banner ID number? Your Southeast ID number can be found on your DegreeWorks. Log into portal, click on Student SS tab, then click on DegreeWorks Student. Your Southeast or Banner ID number will be in the top left of the page and starts with S0.
When is spring or fall break? You can view all important dates including breaks on our university Academic Calendar
How can I view my advising information? Your advisor will have sent you your advising information through your Southeast email. Please keep this email to refer back to.
How do I request advising? If you would like to be advised through email, email your advisor. If you would like to schedule a phone or face to face advising appointment, you can either log into SupportNET (>Student SS>SupportNET Login) and schedule it or you can call the Southeast Online office at 573-651-2766.
How do I identify classes that are reserved for online students? Sections that have been reserved for online students have a section number of WR1, WR2, etc. The WR stands for web restricted.
How do I view course descriptions? For all courses, short descriptions can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin at
What is the WP003 exam? The WP003 exam is a 0 credit/0 fee exam that assesses your ability to write at the college level before exiting the university. You must have completed EN140 and 75 hours to be eligible to take the exam. More information about the online WP003 exam is available at You must pass this exam in order to graduate.
How do I view my DegreeWorks? Log into the portal ( and click the Student SS tab. From there, Click on DegreeWorks Student
How do I calculate my GPA Instructions on how to calculate your GPA are included in our GPA along with links to the semester and cumulative GPA calculators.
What is and where do I get my pin number? At Southeast, we require advising. Assigning PIN numbers is our way to ensure you are advised and on track. Your advisor will give you your PIN number for the semester when your advising information is sent to you. It is important to keep this PIN number through the registration term. Some students will save it in their phone numbers as a contact to help them keep track of it.