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Understanding PreRequisites

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Tutorial that will show you step by step how to look up prerequisites for courses through Southeast Online at Southeast Missouri State University.

How do you know if you meet the prerequisites for a course?

  • Find the course description in the University Undergraduate Bulletin, found at
    • Navigate to the Undergraduate Bulletin (
    • Click on Course Listings. 
    • Press CTRL and F to open the page search. 
    • Type the course you are looking for.  For example, if you are checking the pre-requisites for MG 362, type “MG 362” and then press enter.
    • You’ll see the course description for the course followed by “Prerequisite: HA300 or MG301 with a minimum grade of C”
    • Some courses may be prerequisites for other courses and may be listed multiple times so you may get multiple results.  If this happens, you can press the down arrow in the find box until you find the course you are looking for.

Some courses may not have prerequisites, while others may require certain General Education  categories (i.e. Living Systems, Social Systems, Political Systems) or even specific courses (i.e. SC105, PS103 or PS104, MA134 and AD101). Still other courses may state junior standing (60 hours) or senior standing (90 hours) in order to take the course.  Some courses will require that you receive a specific grade in a specific course like the MG 362 example above

Next, check your DegreeWorks. You can find this on the Portal, on the Student SS tab. This will show all courses completed and in progress to help you remember what you have already taken. If you are still uncertain, you should confirm your selection with you Online Program Specialist.