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What is the WP003 Writing Assessment? How do I register?

The WP003 is a writing assessment and a passing grade must be achieved. There is no fee for taking this assessment, but it is required for graduation. Southeast wants to ensure that all students are maintaining their writing skills obtained in those initial composition courses. Upon successful completion of EN140 (English Composition II/Rhetoric and Critical Thinking) and at least 75 credit hours, you may register for this assessment. Be sure to click the CRN link on the class schedule to see which date the assessment is being offered. New transfer students with more than 90 degree hours completed may be waived from this assessment.

Scoring criteria, scoring scales and sample essays are available through the the Center for Writing Excellence website. If you do not pass the assessment, you must contact the Center for Writing Excellence so they can explain the options you have for meeting the WP003 requirement . This portfolio option generally occurs over the duration of the semester with scheduled checkpoints. Students scoring just under the required mark may also be notified of the opportunity to appeal the score.

This assessment will be completed online. In order to take the online assessment, you must enroll in one of the WP003 sections. You will be provided a particular 24 hour window in which to take the approximately 3 hour assessment.