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Instrument Rental

Instrument Rental

A limited number of concert and marching instruments are available for rental from the Department of Music. The rental fee is $50 per semester. The student must sign a legally-binding rental agreement. The rental agreement will list the type of instrument, serial number, university number, and accessories that are part of the agreement.  The rental fee covers the cleaning, maintenance, and normal wear and tear of the instrument.  In the event an instrument is damaged, the student will be assessed the cost of repairs. If the instrument is lost or stolen, the student is liable up to the replacement cost of the instrument. The cost of repair or replacement of a university-owned instrument will be billed directly to the student's account.

Instruments must be returned to the instrument issue office on or before the Thursday of finals week each semester, or a student may renew the rental contract for the following semester. If a student fails to renew the contract or return the instrument on the due date, he/she will be assessed the replacement price of the instrument through the Cashier's Office.

If two students "share" the same instrument, as is sometimes the case, both students must sign the rental agreement and are equally liable in the event of damage or theft.

Often a student will need to rent a special instrument (e.g. alto flute, "A" clarinet, bass clarinet) for unusual repertoire requirements in various ensembles. In this case, the rental fee will be an additional $25.

All percussion majors and drum line members will be accessed a $50 per semester instrument maintenance user fee.

Note: Since applied music courses are not offered during the summer semester, instruments are available for rental during summer vacation months on a case by case basis. YOU MUST RECEIVE SPECIAL PERMISSION AS A PHYSICAL UNIVERSITY INVENTORY IS CONDUCTED EACH SUMMER. If permission is granted, a $50 fee will be charged to your student account.

University-owned instruments are available for rental from Dr. Shane Mizicko or the Southeast Student Equipment Manager.


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