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Wind Symphony Auditions

Fall 2021 Large Ensemble Auditions

Sunday, August 22, 2021
River Campus Cultural Arts Center Room 155

Auditions will be held behind a screen. Feel free to play a few notes in the room before you begin your prepared material, but do not speak to the panel. When you are ready to begin, please play the excerpts in the order found in the packet. Make sure to download and prepare all the PDF’s for your instrument.

Observe all printed tempo markings, dynamics, rests, and articulations. You are highly encouraged to seek out quality recordings in order to understand how the excerpt fits into piece as a whole, and to gain stylistic knowledge about the music. Begin preparations well in advance of the audition.

Audition times are listed below. If you have a scheduling problem with the assigned time, please contact Dr. Daughters via email:

Tuba: 10:00 am
Euphonium: 10:30 am
Trombone (Tenor and Bass): 10:45 am
Horn: 11:30 pm
Trumpet: 12:15 pm
Flute: 1:00 pm
Piccolo: 1:30 pm
Bb Clarinet: 2:00 pm (All Music Majors must audition on Soprano Clarinet)
Saxophone: 3:00 pm (All Music Majors must audition on Alto Saxophone)
Oboe: 3:45 pm
Bassoon: 4:15 pm
Percussion: 6:00 pm (Contact: Dr. Shane Mizicko at or 573-651-2343)


River Campus Seminary 254
Department of Music
One University Plaza, MS 7800
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701