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Southeast Opera, Fall 2018

La Périchole

(The Street Singer)

By Jacque Offenbach
Translated and adapted for Southeast Opera by Christopher Goeke


La Périchole: street singer, in love with Piquillo: Mez or Sop
Piquillo: street singer, in love with Perichole: Tenor
President of USA (Donald Fitzpatrick Kennedy): Baritone
Mayor of NYC (Rudy Cuomo): Baritone
Social Secretary: (Shawn Conway): Tenor or Soprano

3 cousins: Irish (or other ethnicity) Pub owners:
Colleen: Soprano
Kaylee: Soprano or Mezzo
Kathleen: Mezzo

Gossips: (Housewives of NY)
Ramona: Soprano or Mezzo
Jules: Soprano or Mezzo
Sonja: Soprano or Mezzo
Tinsley: Soprano or Mezzo
Justice of the Peace: Baritone or Tenor
Witness: Baritone or Tenor
Jailer: Spoken
Old Prisoner: (washed up celebrity): Spoken

Chorus of Partiers of New York City, buskers, secret service, and police

Story: Set in New York City, present day

On the day of the inauguration celebration for the President (an insecure womanizer) at the Tavern of Three Cousins in NYC, the President appears in disguise to monitor public opinion. But the revelers recognize him and only say good things, as they have been bribed to do by the Mayor and the President’s “Social” Secretary. Two starving street singers, Périchole and Piquillo, perform for crowds but do not earn enough to eat, let alone get married.

While Piquillo is off performing, Périchole is approached by the President who, naturally, is very attracted to her. Persuading her with food and drink, she agrees to become one of his White House “interns”. She writes a letter to Piquillo indicating that, while she still loves him, they must part in order to survive. Piquillo finds the letter and consoles himself at the Three Cousins Pub, where the Mayor talks him into marrying for money. Chaos ensues with mistaken identity, a jealous lover, shady politicians, a strained wedding, an incarcerated groom, whining Housewives of NY, and a long forgotten celebrity found in an FBI black-ops holding cell. All works out in the end as the clever Périchole figures out how to win the day!

Auditions: 3:30, Tuesday, August 21, Bedell Hall

Callbacks: 3:30 Thursday, August 23, Bedell Hall (will include music excerpts from the show and cold reading)

Prepare any art song, golden age music theatre song, or aria in any language (English preferred)
Rehearsals: Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30-5:30 in the Fall Semester;
additional days and times in January, 2019.
Performances January 17, 18, 20, 2019.

Contact Chris Goeke with questions:


River Campus Seminary 254
Department of Music
One University Plaza, MS 7800
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701