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Look Inside the Southeast Explorer

History of the Southeast Explorer Mobile Museum

In 2003 the mobile museum outreach program began on a small scale, using a minivan as the mobile learning center. Native American artifacts were taken to schools and presented by the museum's Curator of Education.

In 2004, the idea was recreated on a large scale, at the request of Dr. Kenneth Dobbins, President of Southeast Missouri State University. This was done in association with Senator Christopher "Kit" Bond, Representative Jo Ann Emerson, and the NASA Education Resource Center at Southeast. View a short video clip about the Southeast Explorer's inaugural year.

The exhibit “NASA: Spirit of Discovery,” made its successful debut aboard the Explorer at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. on July 12, 2005. The Southeast Explorer's exhibit space was shared by Southeast University's NASA Educator Resource Center between 2005 and 2011. Other exhibits include Native Americans Pre-contact, US History, Missouri History, Changing Times 1890-1939 (Progressive Era), and World War I.

Inside the Southeast Explorer

The Southeast Explorer is a 38' Winnebago RV custom built for displaying museum exhibits. The vehicle was originally painted white.

Thumbnail of the exterior of the Southeast Explorer under construction. Thumbnail of the interior of the Southeast Explorer under construction. Thumbnail of the interior of the Southeast Explorer under construction.
View larger image. View larger image. View larger image.

The Explorer's displays are securely mounted for travel and protected by laminated glass cases created by Casewerks LLC, in Baltimore, MD. A wheelchair lift makes the Explorer accessable for all.

Photo of the passenger side cases. Photo of the interior driver's side cases. Photo of the interior computer stations. Photo of the wheel chair lift.

Floorplan of the Southeast Explorer.

Southeast Explorer floor plan.

The Exterior Design

The exterior design of the Explorer was created by Troy Guzman, graphic artist at Kiku Obata & Company, in St. Louis, MO. Guzman's design was printed by Vomela of St. Paul, Minnesota on adhesive vinyl strips (like jumbo wallpaper).

Graphic of the exterior design of the Southeast Explorer


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