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BA658 Business Internship Course Syllabus

Note: International Students must contact International Programs school officials before enrolling in an internship experience.

  1. Catalog Description and Credit Hours of Course:
    A supervised field experience in business involving at least 150 supervised contract hours. (3)
  2. Prerequisites:
    Successful completion of 18 hours in the Master of Business Administration Program and approval of the Director of Graduate Programs in Business.
  3. Purposes or Objectives of the Course:
  • To provide students with an opportunity to observe, study, and participate in solving specific business problems for an existing organization.
  • To enhance the student's ability to apply theory and principles from business to "real-world" situations.
  • To provide the student an opportunity to develop interpersonal skills in working with a business and/or business professional.
  • To assist the student in developing professional attitudes.
  • To create a greater appreciation for the complexities of business problems.
  • To assist the student in understanding how to develop effective team relationships to accomplish activities assigned.
  • Expectations of Students:
    • The student is expected to participate in discussions which focus on the business problem addressed in the internship.
    • The student is expected to supplement the field experience with appropriate readings.
    • The student is required to participate in all field experiences as outlined by the professor supervising this internship.
    • The student is required to provide an oral and written report/case study pertaining to the specific businessproblem under study to the professor and business executives involved.
    • The student is expected to complete a minimum of 150 hours of supervised contact.
  • Course Content or Outline:
    The course content will be established for each student by the professor within the parameters of the business problem(s) under study.
  • Textbook(s) and/or Other Required Materials or Equipment:
    No textbook. Selected reading materials will be assigned for each student, depending upon the business problem involved.
  • Basis for Student Evaluation:
    Oral and Written Reports/Case Studies(60%)
    Participation in Field Experiences(40%)
  • Useful Documents

    Please print the following forms for your Internship Experience:

    Internship Checklist
    Employers Guide
    Liability Form
    Internship Contract
    Internship Information
    Paper Guide
    Intern's Self Evaluation
    Intern Survey (filled out by employer)



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