Master's Degree Program

The Master of Natural Science - Mathematics degree is designed to provide the foundation for students to use mathematical reasoning to investigate scientific and technological problems. Graduates will possess the necessary mathematical training to pursue careers in business, industry, medicine, government, or any field requiring mathematical expertise and insights. Required coursework includes Analysis, Algebra, Probability and Statistics, and the use of the computer algebra system, Sage, to explore mathematics. The degree includes both theoretical and applied courses. In addition, two courses in a complementary area such as business, education or cybersecurity are required giving students breadth in a cognate area. Every student will complete a Graduate Project under the direction of an advisor and take comprehensive examinations or will complete a Masters’ thesis under the direction of an advisor.

The Department of Mathematics Graduate Course Listing and the list of Graduate Faculty follows.  For more information on the Master of Natural Science Program contact the Department of Mathematics (573) 651-2164 or the Graduate Studies (573) 651-2062.

Requirements for a Master of Natural Science Degree with a Mathematics Emphasis
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Graduate Student Recommendation Form
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(You must submit two graduate student recommendation forms along with your application for admission form to the Graduate Studies.)

Graduate Course Listing
Graduate Assistantships

Applications received by April 1st will receive full consideration. You must submit one additional graduate student recommendation form along with your assistantship application.

Graduate Faculty

Example of a Program of Study

Fall MA 560
MA 670
GR 603
Research Methods
CAS Seminar
Seminar in College Teaching
Spring MA 524
MA 642
MA 678
Probability and Statistics II
Groups and Fields
Mathematical Modeling
Summer   Complementary Area course
Fall MA 546
MA 625
Advanced Calculus I
Applied Regression Analysis
Complementary Area course
Spring MA 545
MA 694
Linear Algebra and Matrices
Thesis (or Graduate Paper and Comprehensive Examination and another Elective)


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Department of Mathematics
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