Photo of Mohan Tikoo

Mohan Tikoo, Ph.D.

Office: Johnson Hall  210

I set high standards and expectations for my students and raise their confidence in themselves.

What area do you teach?

Algebra, Trigonometry, all Calculus, Linear Algebra, Topology, Research Methods and other higher math.


University of Kansas Ph.D. Mathematics 1984
University of Kansas M.A. Mathematics 1980
University of Jammu and Kashmir, India M.A. Mathematics 1963
University of Jammu and Kashmir, India B.A. Economics 1961
University of Jammu and Kashmir, India B.A. Mathematics & Arts 1960

Your philosophy of teaching:

I have always strived for excellence in teaching and am not deterred to maintain high standards. The aim has been to impart quality instruction and raise the level of understanding as well as the achievement of my students. Throughout my teaching career, I have worked hard to provide excellent course material in the class room, motivated students to achieve their excellence in performance, and provided extra input and help to any student who either needed help or was curious to advance further understanding of the subject matter.

I set high standards and expectations for my students and raise their confidence in themselves. In imparting new knowledge and in teaching problem solving I stress critical thinking. By engaging them in active classroom participation, I lead my students from one step to the next in a productive way. By making them to work on a sufficient number of problems in the classroom they get the satisfaction of time well spent and they achieve a drastic improvement in their capability.

Finally, I encourage questions from my students and always remind them that they should not leave my class with a doubt in their head. I always make it a point how important mathematics is both in real life as well as in understanding our universe.

Why did you decide to teach?

I was inspired by good teachers and so decided to make teaching as my career.

Credentials/career path

Have reviewed more than 120 papers for Math Reviews a publication of the American Math Society.

Professional Highlight

Refereed papers for SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences Indian Journal of Mathematics Arabian Journal of Science and Engineering Proceedings of The Indian National Academy of Science


Listed in: American Men and Women of Science (1986 ---). Florence Black Teaching Award, l982, University of Kansas. May Landis Fellowship, Summer, 1981, University of Kansas.

Organization with which you are involved

(Membership) American Mathematical Society Mathematical Association of America Planetary Society National Geographic Society Smithsonian

Most Recent/Notable Published Work

Gaouha Pan, Mohan Tikoo, Haohao Wang and Jerzy Wojdylo. “MULTIMEDIA AND STUDENT PERFORMANCE IN ONLINE MATHEMATICS LEARNING”. Proceedings of the International Conference on Education and New Developments 2013, 165 – 169, ISBN: 978-989-97866-5-3. Guohu

Best advice for students

Mathematics is very important. Appreciate it, love it and prosper with it.


Phone: 573.651.2164
Johnson Hall 201

Department of Mathematics
One University Plaza, MS 6700
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701