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Course Information

Courses Offered in the Marketing Department and Tentative Rotation Schedule

Refer to the current Undergraduate Bulletin and Graduate Bulletin for course descriptions and prerequisites (many courses have prerequisites).

Course Fall Spring Summer*
F = Face-to-Face Class; W = Web/Online Class; X = Arrange with Instructor
BA101 The Business Universe F/W F/W  
BA252 Business Communication F/W F/W W
BA400 Applied Ethical Leadership F/W F/W W
BA452 Professionalism F/W F/W W
BA473 Business Internship (1‐12 hrs) X X X
BA651 Strategic Marketing F W  
BA658 Business Internship X X X
BA667 Liability Risks in Products & Services   W  
BL255 Business Law F/W F/W  
BL455 Contracts F    
BL560 International Business Law   W  
BL563 Legal and Ethical Issues in Accounting   W  
BL573 Internship in Business Law X X X
FA104 Beyond Project Runway F    
FA110 Introduction to Fashion Merchandising   F  
FA114 Visual Merchandising   F  
FA120 Clothing Construction F    
FA121 Intermediate Clothing Construction   F  
FA207 Textiles W    
FA300 Professional Image and Behavior F F  
FA310 Fashion Forecasting   W  
FA315 Retail Buying F    
FA350 Apparel Aesthetics F    
FA421 Retail Strategy F    
FA450 Global Fashion Economics   F  
FA480 Fashion Merchandising Practicum F F  
FA530 Fashion Industry Internship X X X
MK301 Principles of Marketing F/W F/W W
MK341 Public Relations F F  
MK342 Professional Selling F F  
MK343 Integrated Marketing Communications F/W W W
MK344 Consumer Behavior F W W
MK345 Intro to Business Research F F  
MK346 Distribution Management W    
MK348 Brand Marketing F W  
MK349 Retail Marketing   F  
MK351 Sports Marketing   F  
MK442 Advanced Selling F    
MK443 IMC Practicum F    
MK449 Marketing Management F F  
MK471‐473 Marketing Internship X X X
MK547 Sales Management   F  
MK555 Internet Marketing   W W
MK560 International Marketing F/W F/W W
QM257 Business Statistics I F/W F/W  
QM258 Business Statistics II F/W F/W  
QM352 Quantitative Analysis F/W F/W  
QM358 Operations Management W W  
UI316 Contemporary Legal Studies W    
UI355 Consumer & Market W    
UI480 Social Psychological Aspects of Dress W W  

*Summer courses are not guaranteed to be offered -- Check the summer schedule when available.


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