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The primary vision of the Missouri Alliance for Collaborative Education (MACE) initiative is to provide a medium through which institutions in the state of Missouri can collaborate and offer a full range of course offerings in programs that are facing enrollment/resource challenges. One can see this as a corollary of the Governor's 2010 proposals for "Statewide Programs Using Cooperative Themes".

It is believed that collaborative programs such as these can contribute to a more efficient use of our increasingly scarce resources and prevent the loss of programs that are currently challenged. However just as importantly, by pooling faculty resources across institutions, we can move to increase the breadth and depth of instruction to the students at the participating institutions.

In the initial phase of this program, interested parties from the state met in Columbia, Missouri at the "Statewide Workshop on Academic Transformation and Collaboration: Reimagining Higher Education in Missouri" (link) on October 25/26, 2010 to further discussion on this topic. As a consequence of these meetings, two Memorandums of Agreement were signed, setting into motion collaboration in the discipline of Economics and in the discipline of Foreign Languages.

Consequently, through these more comprehensive offerings to our students, there can also be long-range benefits for all. As these programs enhance the human capital of the graduating students, they can provide positive contributions to the workforce, catalysts for economic development, and enhancements to the quality of life in the state and region.