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The collaborative efforts in economics are brought under the heading of:


MACE-Economics is a coalition of Economics programs located throughout the state of Missouri that are committed to providing a high quality education in Economics. This is accomplished through its offering of upper division Economics courses via the Internet and ITV, its linking of students interested in pursuing research activities with faculty participating in MACE-ECONOMICS, and its operation as a virtual department supporting MACE-ECONOMICS activities. Students completing the curriculum will have received requisite education and training to enable them to succeed in graduate school, professional school, and industry.

  • Provide high quality upper-division Economics courses to students.
  • Provide research opportunities for undergraduate Economics majors.
  • Create the administrative infrastructure to enable MICE to function as a "distributed department."
  • Provide a functioning model to other programs for similar collaborative agreements.


In the initial phase of the collaborative effort, interested parties from the state met in Columbia, Missouri at the "Statewide Workshop on Academic Transformation and Collaboration: Reimagining Higher Education in Missouri" (link) on October 25/26, 2010 to further discussion on this topic. As a consequence of these meetings, a Memorandum of Agreement was signed by the Provosts of the University of Central Missouri, Northwest Missouri State university, and Southeast Missouri State University setting into motion collaboration in the discipline of Economics.

See the document

Through this agreement the signing institutions agreed to set up pilot collaborative programs to begin in the Fall of 2011


Term Course Provider
Fall 2011 Sports Economics University of Central Missouri
International Economics SE Missouri State
Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Econometrics University of Central Missouri
Comparative Economics SE Missouri State