Social distancing does not mean the end of student organization meetings, programs, and activities. Things may have changed, but it just means it's time to think creatively, update traditional processes, and utilize new tools and resources.

Southeast student organizations are encouraged to continue planning and meeting with organization members virtually. If you decide to host in-person meetings or events, a virtual option should also be available for members who do not feel comfortable meeting in person.  

Virtual Event/Activity Management  

When possible, virtual meetings and events are the preferred way to conduct most activities. Continue to post both virtual and in-person activities on the free calendar systems at Southeast: Engage SEMO (go through your organization's Action Center), Portal Calendar (select "Submit a Portal Event" from the left menu), and University Master Calendar 

Organizations are also encouraged to continue to utilize Engage SEMO to manage their membership list and track attendance for their meetings and events.   

Meeting Communications   

Communication with your members and advisor is critical during this time of social distancing. There are multiple communication platforms and resources student organizations may use for normal group communication and/or virtual meetings. These are tools we recommend: 

Name Brief Details

Engage SEMO

Use with account  

  • Message members, store and share files, post events, and track service. 
  • Update organization contact information to allow interested students the ability to contact the appropriate individuals.  

Microsoft Team (IT page) 

Free in Microsoft Office 365 (when using your account)  


Free version (Download for free from your app store or website.)  


Free phone app for group and individual chats. 


Free Version 

  • Online audio and video calls. 
  • Group video calls up to 50 people. 

Google Hangouts 

Messaging, voice, and video calls with Google account 

  • Group chats up to 100 people. 
  • Group video calls up to 10 people. 

In-Person Meetings  

To help protect the University community and prevent the spread of COVID-19 to our campus and the surrounding community, the following guidance should be followed when hosting meetings and events until further notice. Event organizers should review the University's Protect the Nest plan for the latest guidance for on-campus and in-person meetings.  

These guidelines apply to meetings, events, and activities coordinated by a member of the University community (students, faculty, and staff) or an outside organization hosting an event on campus. The guidelines apply to University sponsored meetings and events, both on- and off-campus.  

Departments and organizations hosting meetings and events should designate a coordinator who is responsible for adherence to this guidance. The coordinator can be a University student or employee or a community member hosting a meeting or event on campus. The name of the coordinator will be recorded with the meeting or event reservation.  

Groups are encouraged to host meetings and events remotely. However, when in-person meetings and events are held, offer participants the option to participate remotely, when possible. Technology has been upgraded in several meeting rooms to accommodate remote access. Campus Life and Events Services can provide a list of spaces equipped to host remote attendance.  


  • Observe and adhere to the maximum capacity for the gathering space.  
  • Do not rearrange furniture, as it has been set according to the requested specifications.  
  • Event organizers are encouraged to have a supply of face coverings available at registration. A limited supply of face coverings will be available at locations for individuals who do not have one.  

Check-in Procedures and Screenings  

  • Hand sanitizer should be available for use upon entry.  
  • For meetings and events with more than 25 participants, consider staggering check-in times to avoid congregation and long lines at check-in. Lines should be spaced to provide 6 feet for social distancing.  
  • Participants should complete a Daily Symptom Check prior to entering the event space, and participants must wear a face covering.  
  • Allow time in the meeting or event schedule to check-in participants.  
  • The coordinator is responsible for maintaining a record of attendance for contact tracing. This record should include the following information for persons in attendance: name, cell phone number, email address.  

Participant Guidance  

Bring a face covering to wear.  

  • Participants should wear face coverings in accordance with University guidance.  
  • If a participant becomes ill they should be removed from the event, sent home, and encouraged to seek medical attention.  
  • The area used by the sick person should be closed off and kept empty until it is cleaned and disinfected.  
  • Encourage participants to leave the meeting or event in an orderly manner to avoid congestion and bottlenecks.  

Virtually Host your Organization Elections  

Elections and leadership transitions should not stop just because your organization may not meet in-person. SE Link provides organizations the opportunity to host elections virtually. Creating an election is easy! Watch this video to learn the basics of creating an online election. See the video below on how to manage your organization's elections.  

Organization Management Tips  

Now is a great time for student organization leaders to plan for their organization's future. Below is a list of suggested actions organization leaders can take to set their organization up for success upon return to campus.  

  • Create officer transition reports for new officers.  
  • Review your organization's constitution and bylaws to ensure it reflects current practices.  
  • Continue your organization selection processes by hosting interviews via online video conferencing.  
  • Prepare for organization re-registration by cleaning up your SE Link roster.  
  • Create or revisit your organization's annual goals.  
  • Create or revisit your organization's annual timeline.  
  • Survey your members on organization satisfaction (what could make their organization experience better?).
  • Check in with your organization advisor to ensure that expectations and communication is clear.  
  • Upload new photos to your SE Link gallery.  
  • Think through plans for promoting your organization's upcoming events and initiatives.  
  • Plan out your organization's social media content.  
  • Create forms on SE Link to capture information you would have normally collected during meetings. 

Engage SEMO

Use Engage SEMO to review the various campus organizations, how to organize and manage your student group, and more.

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