Reprisal or retaliation against an individual for making a complaint of sexual harassment, for participating in a sexual harassment investigation, or using or participating in the informal or formal complaint process, is prohibited by University policy and by law. Any member of the University community has the right to raise good faith concerns about sexual harassment without fear of retaliation. Retaliation is also prohibited against anyone who in good faith opposes, in a reasonable manner, an act believed to constitute a violation of this policy. Retaliation shall be considered a serious violation of this policy independent of whether a complaint of sexual harassment, formal or informal, is substantiated. Encouraging others to retaliate also violates this policy.

Retaliation can take many forms, including sustained abuse or violence, threats, and intimidation, and can be in person, through electronic media, and/or through third parties. An individual or a group of individuals can be responsible for retaliation. Retaliation is considered a separate offense from any associated complaint, and will be investigated independent of the associated complaint.


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