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Report to Law Enforcement

If you decide to report the incident to police:

  • If the assault occurred on University property, contact the Southeast Department of Public Safety (911 from a campus phone, or (573) 651-2215.
  • If the assault occurred off campus, contact the police in the municipality where the sexual assault took place. If you are unsure of the location or in what jurisdiction the assault took place, contact the Southeast Department of Public Safety and they will assist you.
  • Although a patrol officer is generally the first to respond, a detective will complete the investigation. As portions of an investigation, police will interview the reporting party, collect evidence from the crime scene, receive the evidence obtained at the hospital, and take a formal statement.
  • The reporting party is entitled to request the presence of a confidential advocate during all medical and law enforcement procedures, including the interview and examination. If you would like to speak with an advocate or have one present, contact the Campus Violence Prevention Program at (573) 986-6899.


There are many steps between the report of a sexual assault and the final outcome of a prosecution. If a reporting party wishes to pursue criminal charges, the police and/or an advocate can talk with him/her about sequence of the process.

  • Sexual assault is a crime that is prosecuted by the State of Missouri. The reporting party is assigned an attorney from the Prosecutor’s office in the county where the assault took place.
  • Once the police finish their investigation, all evidence is turned over to the Prosecutor’s Office, where it is reviewed. The Prosecutor’s Office will then decide whether to prosecute the case.
  • The reporting party becomes a witness for the prosecution if the case moves forward.


(573) 986-6899
Crisp Hall 201-202

Campus Violence Prevention Program
One University Plaza, MS 2030
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701