There are two types of telephone equipment available for faculty and staff. The first is analog equipment, which is a basic single line telephone set. The second type is a multi-button, multi-line digital telephone set. The digital telephone has more features built into the phone.

Analog Reference Guide

Digital Reference Guide

Telephone Features

The University telephone system provides a number of standard features. Special features and multi-button sets allow for additional features to be programmed for optimum use of the telephone. Standard features are available to all faculty/staff and may be accessed from most campus phones. In some cases, multi-line telephone sets will have preprogrammed buttons which will produce the same results.

Hold - Puts caller on hold
     Standard (Analog) Telephone - Press switch hook for one second or press flash hook
     Digital Telephone - Press hold button

Call Forwarding - Routes calls to a designated extension number
     To activate - *2 and extension number
     To deactivate - #2
NOTE: This feature will override Audix (voicemail) or other programmed call coverage paths.

Send All Calls - Directly routes calls to your regular point of coverage
     To activate - *3
     To deactivate - #3

Transfer - Transfer a call to another extension within the University
     Standard phone - Press switch hook or flash hook and dial number, announce call, then hang up
     Digital phone - Press transfer button, dial number, announce call, press transfer again

Call Pick-Up - If a telephone is preprogrammed in your pickup group, you can answer other ringing phones. Press #4

Incoming Calls
     On-campus call - One ring
     Off-campus call - Two rings
     Priority call - Three rings

Audix Voice Mail

The University provides voice mail to all departments. This service is available to faculty/staff upon request. This service provides basic answering machine capability for every phone number. Click here for instructions.



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