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Student Telephone Service

Basic telephone service is available in all student rooms for a monthly fee of $20. Student must supply their own telephone. Any model or type will work, although a touch tone telephone is required for authorization code use, online registration, and voice mail retreival.

9 Cents Per Minute on domestic U.S. 1+ long distance calls, with Southeast’s long distance authorization code 24 hours per day.

International Direct Dial Discounts based on the country called. Call Telecommunications at extension 2575 for rates. International operator assisted calls are billed at full cost. Students may place international calls through the University long distance service, or carrier of their choice. Click here for more information about the Long Distance policies.

Other Benefits:

  • No deposit required.
  • For convenience and security, each student is assigned an authorization code with a $150 credit limit between billing periods.
  • Long distance access is available from any residence hall room with the student’s authorization code.
  • All long distance charges are added to the student’s bill.
  • Voice Mail is provided free of charge.
  • Caller ID is available.
Local Service

Upon activating phone service, students will have dial tone and capability of placing campus calls, local calls, collect calls, and toll free 800, 888, 866 and 877 calls. Our area code is 573 and the prefix for residence halls is 339 and 332. Faculty and staff prefixes are 651, 290 and 986.

When receiving calls, students will hear single ringing for on-campus calls and double ringing for off-campus calls.

Students are billed monthly through the university billing system. Students are expected to pay the entire amount of their phone charges every month. A detailed summary of all calls is available upon request by sending an e-mail to

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(573) 651-2575
GS-1 Lower Level

IT Office

(573) 651-2217
One University Plaza
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