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Q. How long will my messages stay in the system?

A. NEW (unlistened messages) = 10 days
OLD (listened messages but not deleted) = 5 days
UNOPENED (header has been heard, but not the message) = 3 days

Q. Can someone else get into my mailbox?

A. After 3 unsuccessful attempts to access your voicemail, the system locks up. To unlock your voicemail, you will need to call the Telecommunications Office at x2575.

Q. Can I retrieve my messages when I am at home or out of town?

A. Yes, when dialing Audix from a touch tone phone, dial (573) 651-2660.

Q. How do I re-record the name portion of my mailbox?

A. At the activity menu press 5, then 5 again, the system will prompt you to speak your name after the tone. Press 1 when finished speaking your name. To review what you have recorded, press 2 3, or press *D to delete and start over. To approve, press #.

Q. Can I recover a message that was just deleted by mistake?

A. Yes, while still in Audix you can restore a message that has just been deleted by pressing **U. The system restores only the last incoming message that was deleted.

Q. How can I change my password?

A. At the activity menu, press 5, then 4
Enter your new password and press #
The system will ask you to enter your new password a second time and then it will confirm it has been changed.

Q. How can I transfer calls directly into Audix?

A. To transfer calls directly into someone’s voice mail without the phone ringing can be done by the following:
While on the line with the customer, press the transfer button
Dial 1060
Enter the extension followed by the # sign
Hang up

Q. How can I route calls to my line to an alternate extension for immediate assistance?

A. This feature is called "covering extension". Call Telecommunications to get the covering extension programmed on your extension, then be sure to re-record your greeting to include the option to press "0" for immediate assistance.
For more information, click here.

Logging into Audix and Retrieving Messages

Audix (Prompts)

Your Response


Dial into Audix by dialing extension: 2660

When you see the message light blinking on your telephone or you pickup the receiver and you hear a 3 beep stutter tone, you know you have a message.

Messages can be retrieved from off-campus by dialing 651-2660.

Welcome to Audix. For help at any time press star (*) H. Please enter extension and pound sign (#).

Enter the last four digits of your extension (example: if your number is 986-6104, enter 6104#)

If you are calling from your own extension, just enter the # sign.

Enter Password and pound sign (#).

For the first time only, enter 02#

Click here for first time instructions.

You will hear your recorded name and the status of your messages.

For the first time only you will be prompted to enter your name and a password.

You can press the buttons for logging in or getting your messages in rapid sequence without waiting for the prompts.

To record messages press 1, to get messages press 2, to administer personal greetings press 3.

If you Press 1, 2 or 3 listen to the prompts.

Click here for instructions to record messages.

Click here for instructions to get messages.

Click here for instructions to administer personal greetings.

Prompt 5: To change your recorded name or password from the main menu press 5.

To administer mailing lists, press 1, to administer personal directory press 2, to change your password, press 4, to record your name, press 5.

Press 1 to create a mailing list.

Press 4 for password change.

Press 5 for name recording.

Follow the prompts.

A mailing list can consist of 1 to 250 extensions.

You will want to change your password if you feel someone has learned your password and is checking your voice mail.

If you have moved to another office and someone else has their name recorded, you will want to change the recorded name.

To Transfer to another extension:

Enter the four digit extension and pound sign (#).

Please wait.

Press *T (8) after you have logged into Audix.

Enter extension to be transferred to.

Extension will be dialed.

You can be transferred out of Audix to someone's extension once you are logged into Audix.

To Transfer to another Audix Mailbox:

Welcome to Audix. For help at any time press star (*) H. Please enter extension and pound sign (#).

Press **7 after you have logged into Audix.

Enter Extension and Password for the other mailbox.

You can check the messages in another mailbox once you are logged into Audix and you know the extension and password of that mailbox.

First Time Instructions:

As you use Audix, your name will be included in system announcements that you and other people will hear. Press 1 and at the tone please speak your name. After speaking your name press 1 again.

Press 1

Speak your name

To re-record your name, press 1 to approve press #.

You may want to record your first and last name. If you share a phone with a roommate, you may want to record both of your names.

Audix passwords must now be at least 4 digits. Please choose a new password of 4 or more digits. Please enter a new password and pound sign (#).

Reenter password and pound sign (#).


Enter a 4 digit password and the pound sign (#).

Audix will prompt you to enter your password again for verification.

To better secure your password, do not use 0's or your 4 digit extension.

Click here to return.

To Record Messages press 1:

Messages can be sent to someone's mailbox without calling their extension.

Another way to send a message to an extension without calling the extension or to transfer a caller to someone's Audix is to dial 1060.

When finished recording, press # to approve or 1 to edit your message. Record at the tone.

Begin speaking your message at the tone. Press # to approve it.

Follow the prompts.

Enter extension and # sign, when finished addressing press #.

Enter an extension and you will hear the name recording.

You can enter up to 250 extensions.

To send message press #, or enter an option. To hear a list of options press 0.

Press the pound sign (#) when finished entering extensions.

If you have many extensions to send the same message to, you may want to create a list. Go to: Creating Lists.

Delivery scheduled.

To record messages press 1, to get messages press 2, to administer personal greetings press 3.

Main Audix prompt is repeated.

Click here to return.

To Get Messages press 2:


You will hear the status of your messages, and the message header. For example, "two new messages, call from ____, received ____, ....".

The message header consists of the delivery option, name (if on campus call), time, date, length of message and extension number (if on campus).

You can skip the prompts and listen to the first message by rapidly pressing 2 and 0 after logging into Audix.

To listen press 0, to delete press star (*) D, to skip press pound (#).

Enter your choice of options.

Click here to return.

Audix Basic Commands and Playback Controls

Basic Commands

Playback Controls

  While listening to a message:



Rewind 2
Restart at Activity Menu


Play/Pause 3


Louder 4
Transfer out system


Back UP 5
Transfer to another mailbox


Advance 6
Exit system (hang up)


Softer 7
Transfer call to operator


Slower 8
Delete Message


Faster 9


Listen/Replay 0
Hold message in category


Skip #
Relog in


Use group list


Press 3 to pause and 3 again to continue.
Hear options menu



To Administer Personal Greetings

You can use the Audix voice messaging system to record multiple personal greetings and to answer calls with those greetings according to specific call types you define. To print a Quick Reference guide for Multiple Personal Greetings, click here.

Step 1: Select Call Type

Press 4

You need to select the type of message to be played when the call goes to Audix.

Note: You only need to set the call type once. For example, once you set Greeting 1 for external calls, it remains designated to answer external calls until the call type is changed again. If you are not going to change the call type, next time you record Greeting 1, skip Step 1 and proceed to Step 2.

Press 1 for Internal/External
Press 2 for Busy/No Answer
Press 3 for Out of Hours
Press 4 for No Out of Hours
Press 5 for Same Greeting for All Calls.

Available Call Types:

Internal message is played to callers within the campus.

External message is played to callers outside of campus.

Busy message is played to callers when you are on the phone.

No Answer message is played to callers when you are away from your phone

Out of Hours message is played outside of normal business hours (i.e. 5:01 p.m. - 7:59 a.m.)

To listen to a greeting press 0, to create, change or delete a greeting, press 1. To scan all your greetings, press 2. To activate a greeting press 3. To Administer call types press 4. If finished press #.


Step 2: Create, Change, and Activate Greetings.

Press 1

The greeting you activate automatically replaces any greeting currently active for a specific call type.

Enter greeting number

Enter 1-9

You can have up to nine greetings.

When finished recording, press # to approve or 1 to edit your message. Record at the tone.

Speak the appropriate greeting.

Click here to see sample greetings.


To Edit the greeting:

Press 1 to Start and Stop

Press 2,3 to play back.

Press *D to delete

Press # to approve


Greeting ___ approved. To use this greeting for all calls, press 0, for busy calls press 1, for no answer calls press 2.

Press the appropriate number for your choice of greeting.

Press # to approve.

The Audix prompt will respond according to the call type you selected.

Press 1 to record next greeting.

Repeat steps above until greeting is activated for the type of greeting you choose.


If you need to activate or deactivate a greeting:

Press 3

The greetings must already be created and you must already have selected the call types.

To deactivate a greeting, activate another greeting (or the system greeting) in its place. Or you may re-administer call types.



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GS-1 Lower Level

IT Office

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