New Avaya IP Phone System

Because our current phone systems on the main campus and at the regional campuses are beyond the manufacturer’s end of life, have limited parts availability, and have limited functionality compared to newer phone systems, now is the best time to implement a new phone system. In anticipation of the need, IT and Telecom have been upgrading the campus network to assist with the installation of a network server based system, where all calls will travel across our data network. This will require replacing all the existing phones with IP capable phones. The Avaya IP Office platform has been selected as the new phone system.

IP Phone Models
During implementation, all existing phones will be replaced with a base J139 phone and all current users will receive the Office Worker license which includes the Avaya Equinox desktop software at no cost Users will have the option to upgrade to a J16, J179, or the Power User license (mobile app) at an additional cost. Departments adding a line after the implementation will be responsible for the full cost of the phone and any licensing.

If adding a phone:
J169 ($145)
J179 ($175)

One-time license fee for the new phone accounts:
Standard User (Phone & Voicemail only) - $25
Office Worker ( Standard User + Desktop App) - $95
Power User ( Office Worker + Mobile App) - $145

The switch from analog to VoIP carries with it a variety of benefits inherent to the new technology. VoIP phones provide new features and are more easily supported compared to their end-of-life analog counterparts. The phones themselves provide the following features:

  • Recent calls button
  • Conference calling
  • Speed dials
  • User directory
  • Voicemail
    • Button to take you into voice mailbox
    • Visual voicemail
    • Voicemail to email option
    • Message waiting indicator light

Avaya Equinox desktop and mobile app (mobile app has an additional one-time license fee):

Desktop App

  • Allows you to make/receive calls from your computer.
  • Incoming caller ID information will pop up on the screen when you receive a call.
  • The app will integrate with Outlook and web browsers to give you a click to call option.
  • Directory access will be more user friendly.

Mobile App

  • Provides the same look and features as the desktop app but will allow you to make calls from your office extension on your cell phone.
  • It will also allow you to start a call on one device and easily transfer it to another.
Avaya Desktop Client Diagram



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