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Information Technology encourages all students that make use of Southeast’s computing facilities (email, open computing labs, Kent Library Reference Area, ResNet, or online courses) to activate their SE Key as soon as possible. SE Keys may be activated by logging on to My Southeast and following the appropriate link. SE Keys cannot be used until they are activated.

Please note the following:

  • Information Technology recommends that you activate your SE Key and begin notifying individuals of your new email address immediately.
  • You will use a new email system to send and receive email using an SE Key. Its address is All mail coming into this server is scanned for viruses and processed by spam filtering software. You must have an activated SE Key to use the printing facilities in Information Technology's open computer labs or Kent Library’s Reference Area.

What is an SE Key?

In response to a request from Student Government, a new type of student computing account was introduced in the beginning of Southeast’s fall 2003 semester. This personalized account is known as a Southeast Key (SE Key for short).

What does an SE Key look like?

SE Keys have the following format:

first initial + middle initial + last name + number + “s”
  • The maximum length of an SE Key is 20 characters.
  • The number field is used to insure uniqueness.
  • If the length exceeds 20 characters, the last name is truncated as necessary.
  • The “s” suffix is used to make the SE Key recognizable as belonging to a student.

For example, John T. Smith might be assigned an SE Key of jtsmith1s.

How does a student obtain an SE Key?

An SE Key will be generated automatically for each new student the next working day after they enroll for classes. Once an SE Key is generated, it will remain assigned to that particular student regardless of his/her enrollment status.

Once an SE Key is assigned, how can it be used?

An SE Key must be “activated” before it can be used for any of the following:

  • Send or receive email.
  • Print in the open computer labs or Kent Library Reference area.
  • Register a computer on the residence hall network (ResNet).

To activate an SE Key;

  1. Navigate to the SE Key Account Management Page
  2. In the right hand box titled "Activate my SE Key," enter your S0 number and Pin.
    Note: Your pin is the two digit day and two digit year of your birth. For example, someone born on May 4, 2000, has the pin number 0400
  3. Create a password that meets the following criteria:
    • It must be at least 12 characters long
    • It must contain at least one character from three of the following four groups:
      • upper case letters A-Z
      • lower case letters a-z
      • numeric digits 0-9
      • special characters ~ ` ! # $ % ^ * ( ) _ + - = { } [ ] \ : ' ; ? , . /
  4. Click Submit
  5. Your SE Key will be displayed

Following activation, how soon will an SE Key be usable?

Email service and ResNet registration should be available immediately. Lab printing should be available the next day.

Expiration Dates for SE Key

Your Southeast Key will remain active as long as you are a student at Southeast and registered for classes. When a school semester ends and you have not pre-registered for classes, your SE Key will expire one week following the last date of finals. Withdrawal will cause expiration of an SE Key the next day. You may use your SE Key when registration for classes has been completed.

Will a student have to activate an SE Key more than once?

A student will not have to activate their Key more than once.

What will a student use for an email address?

The email address corresponding to an SE Key of jtsmith1s would be

How will the move to SE Keys affect faculty/staff interaction with students?

  • Students will no longer need to visit the Information Technology office to request an email account.
  • Only SE Keys will appear on the Course Roster page of My Southeast.
  • An SE Key must be activated before the corresponding email account will accept messages. Just because an SE Key appears on the Course Roster page doesn’t mean it has been activated by the student. If faculty/staff members are going to communicate with students via email, encourage them to activate their SE Keys as soon as possible.
  • In order to log in as a user in Information Technology open computer labs, print in Information Technology’s open computer labs or Kent Library’s Reference area, students will have to provide their SE Key and password. The email system used by faculty and staff remains the same for now.


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