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ResNet Internet Access - Troubleshooting

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ResNet Internet Access - Troubleshooting
Internet & Network

If Ethernet setup should fail, try the troubleshooting steps below, opening your browser after each step to check for ResNet registration web page availability.

  • Check to make sure you are plugged into the LAN jack (not the telephone jack). LAN jacks are labeled LAN (example LAN7).
  • Check LAN cable connections on the computer.
  • Recheck your Internet Options settings.
  • Renew IP address:
    1. Click on the Start button.
    2. Click on Run from the pop-up menu.
    3. In the dialog box, type command then click OK.
    4. In the DOS window type "ipconfig /renew"
  • Remove LAN cable from your computer and LAN all jack; reconnect to ensure a good connection.
  • If you have a wireless network card, disable it under Network Connections.
  • Check Device Manager to verify NIC operation (make sure there isn't a yellow ! or red X next to Ethernet Card):
    1. Click on the Start button; click on setting from the pop-up menu.
    2. Click on the Control Panel icon.
    3. Click on the System icon.
    4. Click on the Hardware Tab.
    5. Click on the Device Manager button.
  • Install a malware removal program such as Adware, Spybot, Search & Destroy. You can download this free software from using any computer lab PC. Windows Defender is also recommended and available free at
  • Remove and programs that have been installed on your computer without your permission (spyware/malware) such as Bonzi Buddy, Gator, Double Click, Brilliant Digital, Wild Tangent, Adult Tracker, Save Now, and Market Score.
  • If registration appears to be successful, but your browser continues to redirect to the registration page, clear out the browser cache. If you are unsure on how to do this, or the troubleshooting fails, contact the IT Help Desk.


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