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Remote Printing Steps

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Remote Printing Steps
IT Lab Services

Information Technology is piloting a new remote printing service that will allow students to print from a personal computer to a designated campus printer. The remote printing process is easy. All it requires is a one-time installation of the print driver for the desired location, then follow normal printing steps but choose the specific printer location.

Initial Print Driver Installation Instructions

For each printing location, a print driver must be installed to your computer.

  1. Click on the print driver location for the Windows operating system listed below. (Mac OSX currently not supported.)

  2. Windows drivers:
  3. Select the Run button twice; once to start the download and once to verify download.
  4. Select the Install button.
  5. Select the Finish button to exit driver installation.

Printing a File to a Print Release Station

Print your file as normal, but choose the specific printer location. For example: to send a Microsoft Word document to the Towers Print Release Station, you print the file like normal. However, you need to select the Towers Pharos Release station on the UNIPRINT printer from your available printers.

  1. Select printer.
  2. Enter your SE Key and password. Then select the print button.
  3. Verify and accept the printing charge.

Your print job is now held at the print release station, waiting for you to release it.

Note: Print jobs are held for 4 hours. After 4 hours, your print job will expire and you will not be charged.

Print Release Locations

This is a piloted program and, currently, there are three locations across the main campus.

Note: Print release stations are located in open computer labs. Availability is subject to the Open Computer Labs' hours of operation.

Room Location Computer Station
Dempster Hall, Room 113 47
Kent Information Commons, 3rd Floor 60
Towers Complex, Room 107 46

Print Release Station Operating Instructions

The print release stations are well marked and are easily identifiable.

  1. Approach the Pharos print release station and press any key to activate the login screen.
  2. Enter your SE Key and password when prompted to login.
  3. Select your file to print from the available print job list and select the Print button.

*In the bottom left of this screen reflects number of sheets and total cost to print. Available print balance is also provided.


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