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Print Refunds
IT Lab Services

If a lab printer does not function correctly, you need the follow the procedures below to request a printing refund.

Print Refund Procedure

Printing errors and jams do occur and any loss of print pages associated with such a problem will be credited back to your account only if ALL of the following conditions are met:

  • Printing error occurred due to a hardware, server, or network error.
  • Request for refund is filed with a lab assistant or designated person within 48 hours of the printing error.
  • All fields are completed on the Request for Print Job Refund form.
  • The bad printout must be submitted to the lab assistant at the time of filing the Request for Print Job Refund form. If your document did not print, your will be asked to supply the date, time, and printer location where you tried to submit your document for printing.

Printing Errors

Print errors attributed to the user will NOT be credited. Example of such errors include, but are not limited to:

  • Print jobs delayed several minutes due to heavy user load
  • Printing on the wrong paper size
  • Printing the wrong document
  • Printing to the wrong printer
  • Printing with the wrong orientation selected (landscape vs. portrait)
  • Not picking up print job from the printer
  • Printing multiple copies of same document when user only desires one copy


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