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Email - Filtering and Organizing Emails

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Email - Filtering and Organizing Emails
Email & Collaboration

How to Filter and Organize Emails


  1. Go to
  2. Hover over the Folders option on top left, click the plus icon (create new folder) Then Type out Folders name. (Ex. Shopping) and press Enter.
  3. Click Settings icon on top right of page.
  4. Go to bottom of side menu and click Mail.
  5. On left hand side under Automatic processing, Go to the Inbox and sweep rules.
  6. Click the Add (plus icon) under Inbox rules.
  7. Give rule a meaningful name (Ex. Shopping Rule)
  8. Under the When the message arrives...Click the drop down and click the -It includes these words.
  9. Choose the option in the subject..And then type a word you want to filter. Ex. Macys, then press Enter. (You can do more then one word per rule. Just press enter after each word to add to list)
  10. Under the Do all to the following. Choose the Move, copy, or delete. Then choose Move the message to folder.
  11. Then choose which folder you'd like these emails to go. Ex. Shopping and click OK.
  12. Go to top of page and click the OK option to save rules.


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