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Cellular Service
Video & Voice Communications

Cellular telephone service is available for faculty and staff with appropriate Budget Custodian approval.

The State of Missouri Office of Administration bids out this service, therefore, the vendor changes on a periodic basis. Departments must go through Telecommunications to arrange and activate this service for University use. Contact the Telecommunications office at extension 2575 for current plans and pricing.

The department is billed a month service charge plus air time, long distance charges, text, data, and roaming fees. If cellular service is needed for a short period of time, a cell phone can be rented by the day or month. These charges will appear on your departmental regular bill. Cellular service may be requested by sending a memo to the Telecommunications office at Mail Stop 7780 or by e-mail to

Personal Call Reimbursement

Generally, the use of the University cellular service is intended for official business. However, if personal cellular calls are made with supervisor approval, the minutes are to be reimbursed to the University on a monthly basis at the additional cost per minute rate that corresponds to the subscribed calling plan even if the specific calling plan minutes are not exceeded. Contact the Telecommunications Department to find the exact rate.

Reimbursements should be made at the Cashier's Office and receipts should be kept at the department for auditing purposes.


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