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Public Computer Areas

Computer labs are in public areas on campus, therefore allowing many different users to access a computer. Users must login with a current Southeast Key and password to access the University's network.

It is recommended that you follow the guidelines below to protect your identity when using a computer in a public area. You may also read about the security management software that Southeast uses to help protect you and the University's network.

To keep yourself secure, follow the practices below:

1. Protect your information by being aware of 'shoulder surfing' - people viewing your screen.

2. Protect yourself from identity theft. Only enter information on a trusted website.

3. Before leaving the computer unattended:

  • Lock the computer if you plan on returning after a short period of time.
  • Logoff or reboot the computer if you are finished.
  • 4. Save files to your Microsoft OneDrive account. If you save files to an external device, remember to take the device with you.

    After every reboot, SmartShield wipes the PC clean of files saved or changes made. PCs running SmartShield will have the below logo appear at sign-in.

    Smart Shield

    While SmartShield maintains the integrity of the PC, it is advised that the user follows the Security Recommendations to protect themselves while accessing the PC.


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