COVID-19 Information

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Preparing To Teach or Work Remotely

In case of inclement weather, university cancellations, or other emergencies, it is important for faculty, staff, and students to be able to communicate with each other remotely. Southeast Missouri State University provides tools to maintain productivity through dependable communication. These resources require advanced preparation in order to implement, so it is advised to learn and practice with these tools before a situation would require you to work off-campus.

Direct all computer and network related questions to the Southeast Missouri State University Help Desk. Contact the Help Desk via email or phone (573) 651-4357.

VPN Setup Preparations

This intial step must be completed on campus at your work computer.

  • Get your IP address of your work computer. Go to Google and type What is my IP address?
  • Your IP address should begin with 150

Material Preparations

Often, working from home may require you to prepare multimedia content, including both audio and video. To ensure academic continuity, verify you have the following equipment at home:

  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • A microphone -- These are often built into most laptops, but it may be valuable to verify this from your manufacturer's page. If you don't have a microphone and would like to purchase one, Zoom has the following recommendations.
  • A webcam -- These are often built into most laptops, near the top of the screen. If you don't have a webcam and would like to purchase one, Zoom has the following recommendations.
  • A steady internet connection -- wired connections will provide the best service, but in absence, either commercial Wi-Fi or a 4G hotspot will provide adequate service.
After the equipment above is tested and working, you'll be prepared to meet virtually with students and make a variety of multimedia content.

Online Class Preparations


Southeast Missouri State University provides a LMS to be an environment for teaching and grading assignments entirely online. Post videos, host class discussion boards, and set up online tests and quizzes for students to take on Moodle. If you are unfamiliar with how to set up your Moodle course, contact CSTL via email or phone (573) 651-2298.


Synchronous online teaching can be done by using Zoom to hold live video classes that your students can join from their own devices. To get more information about setting up a Zoom account, visit the Zoom Information Guide

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft provides a free communication and collaboration platform where teachers can add students into classes. Teachers can add their students to classes, post assignments to those classes, and directly message any of the students, all in one place. Files can be easily uploaded and shared with the entire class on Microsoft Teams. To learn more about how to set up Microsoft Teams to teach a class, visit the Microsoft Teams Guide.

Migrating Files to the Cloud

Without access to your computer on the University, you will not have any access to the local files stored there. If you have not already, migrate your files to the cloud. The files created and stored here will be accessible from any device, and will be automatically saved as they are edited. Your Southeast Missouri State University account is linked to the Microsoft OneDrive cloud-storage system. Navigate to the Microsoft OneDrive website and sign in using your Southeast email address and password. See the quick instructions on OneDrive below. Learn more regarding getting started and setting up other devices to sync.

To Upload Files to OneDrive:

  1. From your OneDrive page, click the Upload button.
  2. You can choose to either add individual files, or entire folders to your OneDrive.
  3. OneDrive will notify you if the file has been uploaded, and it will appear in your File list.

To Create Files on OneDrive:

  1. From your OneDrive page, click the New button.
  2. Select the type of file you would like to make.
  3. The new file you chose will open in a new tab for editing.

To Edit Files on OneDrive:

  1. Click on files that are in your file list to open them.
  2. Right-click on the file in the file list to bring up more options.

Updating Contact Information

Make sure that your contact information is updated in the faculty portal so that you can be contacted correctly. Your contact information must be correct in the event that you must reset your password. To update your contact information:

  1. Go to and sign in using your Southeast ID.
  2. Click on the Faculty SS Tab.
  3. Find the Personal Information box and click on the links inside to update your contact information.


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IT Office

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