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Guide for Group 700 with Projector

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To Turn on Equipment

  1. Tap the screen once to wake it up, and then select the "Southeast ITV" button.

  2. The televisions will turn on.
    After the system starts the Activities screen will appear

Before using the following commands

  1. Once the equipment is on, please wait until your class session is connected before using the rest of this guide.

Selecting Cameras

  1. Tap the appropriate selection on the screen

Sending/Stopping Content

  1. Tap content on the screen, select PC/Doc Cam on the ELMO

Projector On/Off

    Turns Only the projector On/Off

Devices Screen

    If you accidentally touch “Devices” on the remote you will see a screen similar to this. Simply touch “Activities”, then swipe the screen to the left once to return to the normal screen

Activities Screen

    Swipe the screen to the left once to return to the normal control system.

Local Room Volume

  1. To increas or decrease local room volume: VOL button


  1. To zoom in and out use the CH/PG arrow keys on right side of remote

Camera Pan/Tilt and Menu Navigation

  1. Diamond shaped button surrounding the “ok” button: controls the Pan and Tilt of the selected cameras

Turning off Equipment After every class

  1. Set the camera to Student Cam.
  2. Press the Off button on the remote to turn off all the televsions.

  3. Return the remote to its charging base. Ensure the charge light is on.


Media Services Network OPS

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8am - 5pm M - F

IT Office

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