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Media Services

Be it convenience or necessity, students often require access to courses taught from different Southeast Missouri State campus locations. To meet this need, Southeast offers an alternate delivery method known as ITV, or interactive television.

ITV utilizes a video conferencing system that provides a live course event, complete with two-way, real-time communication between the instructor and students. ITV is a service provided by Media Services, who works closely with both faculty and staff to replicate the traditional classroom experience. In an effort to simplify this process, all ITV classroom technology used at Southeast functions identically. Even more notable, support is always readily available. ITV technicians monitor, in real time, all ITV courses.

Providing students at all of SEMO’s campuses with as many opportunities as possible is what ITV is all about.

Media Services is a division of Academic Technologies

In an effort to make ITV experiences effortless, Media Services has set up all ITV classroom technology to be easily operated. Regardless of its simplicity and ease of use, support may be required.

Media Services provides real time support of all course work delivered over ITV. In the Media Services hub, technicians monitor all live ITV classes from both a faculty and student view. As a monitor, the technician may notice and correct issues before either the faculty member or students even notice. ITV instructors can take great comfort in knowing that support is available at all times by phone.

Media Services also provides some technical support for Dempster Hall classrooms and Glenn Auditorium. Training is required to use the Glen Auditorium facilities. Contact Media Services to schedule a training session.

Media Services provides a full training program each semester (spring, summer, and fall) on the Tuesday during the week before the semester starts. Faculty are scheduled to attend training at the campus where the majority of their classes originate.

Part 1 is taught by the Director of Extended Learning and covers the following topics:

  • Teach backs (teaching from a non-originating location)
  • Expense reports
  • Travel pay
  • Testing proctors
  • Campus courier services

Part 2 is provided by a seasoned ITV faculty member. The focus of this training section is ITV pedagogy. While technology brings the campuses together, it is important to understand how to engage students that aren’t right in front of you. Each of the presenters will present at different locations so attendees will glean a sense of the student ITV experience. Hopefully this experience will help with formulating strategies to reach students via ITV.

Part 3 is presented by Media Services. The first portion consists of sharing contact information for technology organizations on campus. In the second portion, a hands-on training in a 1-on-1 setting will occur. The goal is to gain confidence and skill while using the ITV technology, which will then serve to enhance the faculty and student classroom experience.

Refresher Training: If you have taught ITV courses in the past, you may be interested in refreshing your knowledge of the process. You are welcome to join the New Faculty training above or receive 1-on-1 training by appointment. Contact Media Services for a refresher training session.

View guides for using ITV Classrooms and Technology.


Media Services Network OPS

(573) 986-6880

Dempster Hall 007
8am - 5pm M - F

IT Office

(573) 651-2217
One University Plaza
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701