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2019 Funding Cycle

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The Information Technology Committee (ITC) is pleased to announce its annual funding cycle.A total of approximately $150,000 is available. Although no minimum request amount has been established, it is expected that requests will involve “significant” dollar amounts not readily covered by departmental funds. Proposals were due by February 15, 2019, but have been extended to March 1st.

Each request will be evaluated on the criteria listed below. Priority will be placed on the more innovative requests. In addition, starting this year, selected requests will be required to report on realized outcomes.

  • Innovation. Does the request represent a change in how the University operates? This is more than new technology but should demonstrate new ways of employing technology.
  • Efficiency. Will the request provide cost savings for the University? This could be a savings in personnel or operating costs or a savings in processing time.
  • Scope. How broadly will the impacts of this request be felt by the University community? Who will benefit? Is this a pilot project that might be expanded in the future?
  • Sustainability. Is this a short-term benefit or does the requesting department/unit have plans to support the outcomes long-term?
  • Does the request fit into one of the seven Information Technology Strategic Goals?
    • Goal One: Maintain a secure and robust IT infrastructure providing high-speed access to the internet, the University intranet, and applications supporting community, productivity, and student learning.
    • Goal Two: Develop and deploy the capacity of IT and telecommunication systems to improve administrative and student service processes, provide individualized access to information, and maintain a secure and safe campus environment
    • Goal Three: Develop and deploy classroom technologies for the improvement of teaching and learning as defined by departmental and college technology plans.
    • Goal Four: Fully utilize the power of synchronous and asynchronous modes of internet-based course delivery (web courses, blended courses, ITV courses) to provide regional access to higher education, greater flexibility in course scheduling, and improved learning in accordance with a comprehensive and integrated plan for online and distance learning.
    • Goal Five: Maintain an effective, informative, and dynamic institutional web presence.
    • Goal Six: Develop and deploy IT applications for training on IT systems and human resources training in general.
    • Goal Seven: Provide access for students to open labs and technology enhanced common spaces such as the information commons.

Please take care to provide all the information requested on the form to minimize follow-ups. If you have any questions, please contact Floyd Davenport at .


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