Guest Wi-Fi Access

Individual Guest Wi-Fi accounts can be setup for periods of 1 – 10 days. (Anything longer than 10 days requires special arrangements).

Guest Wi-Fi accounts should be requested by a full-time employee of Southeast Missouri State University. For the purpose of this document, this person will be referred to as the sponsor. A sponsor is usually someone from a department on campus who has invited the guest or is responsible for them during their stay.

Guests of the university, sometimes reside on campus during their visit, many do not. Guest Wi-Fi accounts are available whether the guest(s) stay on campus or not.

Guest Wi-Fi availability

Guest Wi-Fi is currently available in the following buildings:

  • Academic Hall
  • Catapult
  • Dempster
  • Dobbins 1st Floor
  • Grauel
  • GS1
  • Innovation Center
  • International Village
  • Johnson
  • Magill
  • Rhodes Hall
  • Rust Media Center
  • Police Academy
  • Polytech
  • Scully
  • Speech and Hearing Clinic
  • University Center
  • Wehking Alumni Center

Note: If Guest Wi-Fi is not available in the correct building, please click here.

Welcome to Southeast Missouri State University!

Whether you are here for the day, or a longer period of time, we hope your time on campus is rewarding. The Information Technology Department is here to help while you are here.

If you are visiting Southeast as a presenter, or to attend a meeting, chances are you will need to access the Internet on campus. With this in mind, the Southeast IT Department allows the use of guest wireless (Wi-Fi) accounts.

The department you are working with can request a guest account on your behalf that can be used for periods of 1 to 10 consecutive days. The account information will be provided to you upon your arrival on campus.

Your guest account will permit you to connect securely to our WiFi network and access the Internet. It will consist of a SE Key (username) and password.

The process involves connecting your device to the Southeast wireless network and registering the device with your guest account. Once the device is registered it will connect to the Southeast wireless network automatically once a signal is detected.

We’ve provided instructions for the most common devices below:

If you are using a different device while on campus, contact the IT Help Desk for assistance at 573-651-4357 (Ext 4357 from Campus phones). The IT Help Desk is open 24/7.

We hope you enjoy your time at Southeast Missouri State University!


IT Help Desk

(573) 651-4357
Memorial Hall 107

IT Office

(573) 651-2217
One University Plaza
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701