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Local Area Network (LAN)

Every campus office has a hardwired network connection. Routers, switches, and hubs are not permitted. For additional network connections, contact the Telecommunications department.

Southeast Missouri State University residence halls offer high-speed Ethernet connectivity, referred to as our residential network (ResNet) Each room is equipped with one LAN jack per bed as well as wireless access.

Routers, switches, and hubs are not permitted in the Residence Halls. Please refer to the ResNet Policy.

Use of the network requires authentication utilizing your Southeast Key and password.

Wireless Network

Wireless network access in the academic and administrative offices, as well as classrooms, is gained by connecting to Southeast Secure. In the residence halls, students will access the ResNet wireless network. Both networks utilize the IEEE 802.11ac WLAN standard and may accessed by most computing devices equipped with a wireless LAN adapter; however, students should strive to use devices with 802.11ac compatible adapters, as this will achieve the best speeds.

Use of the network requires registering your device and authentication utilizing your Southeast Key and password. In turn, this requires a device which supports the WPA2-Enterprise standard.

Head to our Guides for guides on how to connect your devices!

Inside Your Dormitory 

Any computer on an updated OS can connect to our network, along with smart phones, tablets, and most other devices. Each dorm room has three ways to access the internet. First, there is one ethernet jack per bed for wired connections. Second, the SoutheastResNet WiFi network provides connection for typical devices. Third, the SoutheastGameNet WiFi network is available for consoles and smart devices. Once you connect to a network, open a web browser to to accept the ResNet and Acceptable Usage Policies, and to register your device onto the network. If using SoutheatGameNet, navigate to instead.

In order for a device to work on SoutheastSecure or SoutheastResNet, it must support corporate encryption protocols, specifically WPA2-EAP. This means that many consumer devices, such as game consoles, samrt home devices, and TVs cannot connect to our main wireless networks; instead, those devices will be required to use wired ethernet connections or SoutheastGameNet. Using one of these two methods, almost any device should be able to connect, provided it has a discoverable MAC Address. The MAC address is a unique code for internet connected devices, and the network system needs to register each address to a person to allow it to work. Southeast provides guides onto how to find the MAC address for many devices on . If you are able to find your device's MAC address, register it at If you have any questions, please contact the IT Help Desk 573-651-4357 or



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