Getting Started


Southeast Key is your single sign-on to the University network, email, administrative system, portal, etc. Information Technology must confirm employment status, through the Human Resources Department, before your account can be created. Contact the IT Office at 573-651-2217 to initiate this process. Once the account has been generated, you will need to activate your account. For instructions, click here

Never share your account password! 

Administrative System

Banner, by Ellucian, is the administrative system used for admissions, advancement, finance, financial aid, student financial services, human resources, and student administrative tasks. Access is granted only after successfully passing Banner training affiliated with your position needs.


Microsoft Outlook is the employee email and calendaring software provided by the University. When away from the office, and with an Internet connection, you can access your email and calendar from the Outlook Web version at or on your smartphone and other mobile devices.

My Southe@st (Portal, Self-Service)

Depending on your roles at Southeast, the My Southeast Portal provides a unique way to join the Southeast community, stay informed of campus activities and events, as well as access Self-Service resources related to Human Resources, Finance, Personal Information, etc.


The University offers a high-speed network connection to all workstations via wired connections in each office. If an additional wired connection point is needed for a new workstation, either the new employee or department will need to submit a new work order for a LAN Drop. To place a work order for any kind of Telecommunication setup (phones, cable TV, network), you can call the Telecommunications Office (573) 651-2575 or submit an online Telecommunications Work Order

Web Help Desk can be accessed at using your SE Key and password. Select the following Request Type(s) to request new service

  • Cable TV
    • Cable TV → New Service
  • Local Area Network (LAN)
    • LAN → New Service → LAN

Wireless connections are provided across campus for wireless devices. If assistance is needed, click here.


All employees have a responsibility to protect University resources, including confidential and sensitive information. If you have access to student or health data, there are additional Federal laws that protect the privacy of student education or medical records. In order to properly protect and secure data while using technology, strictly adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Do not walk away from your workstation without locking (press the Windows icon button WindowsKey WindowsKey and L from your keyboard) or logging off the network.
  2. Use a password on any device that contains University data, including your mobile devices where University email accounts may be accessed.
  3. Do not write down passwords.
  4. Do not access computer files created by others unless specifically authorized to do so.
  5. Do not share your password with any others. Immediately change your password if you feel someone may have inadvertently accessed your password.
  6. Use discretion when visiting sites on the Web. Many sites track your navigation through the site's Web pages and may even install applications, files, or malware. If at any time you feel your computer has had an unsafe or invasive software installed, call the IT Help Desk (573) 651-4357 (HELP) to get assistance in securing your workstation.
  7. Do not download unauthorized programs or files. When in doubt, contact the IT Help Desk (573) 651-4357 (HELP).
  8. Southeast Missouri State University and the IT department will NEVER ask you for your password. If this occurs, contact the IT Help Desk (573) 651-4357 (HELP) immediately.


The University and your department will provide the required software to help you perform your job tasks. If departmental specific licensed software is desired on the workstation, a Web Help Desk work order must be created.

Microsoft Office (latest version) and Windows 7, Pro 32 and 64 bit, are offered through the work at home program. Windows is available for $10 and will be billed to your MySoutheast Portal account. If you would like to download the latest version of Microsoft Office on up to 5 personal devices, log into and click the Install Office button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Note: Do not install Office this way on ANY University device. 


The IT Help Desk serves as the single contact point for students, faculty, and staff regarding campus technology, and is available 24/7. For more information on creating your own tickets and how to use Web Help Desk, click here. Requests for technology assistance, direct questions, or reporting problems regarding University supported software, hardware, and network should be directed to: 

IT Help Desk

(573) 651-4357 (HELP)
Memorial Hall, 107


Assistance with teaching in different environments (face2face, online, or blended), using the LMS (learning management system) or using technology as a teaching tool should be directed to:

Center of Scholarship in Teaching and Learning/Office of Instructional Technology (CSTL) 

(573) 651-2298
Kent Library, 305


At your department's discretion, a telephone line and phone may be ordered for your workstation. If you are to be assigned direct telephone service and an existing line and/or phone is not available, a work order must be created. To place a work order for any kind of Telecommunication setup (phones, cable TV, network), you can call the Telecommunications Office (573) 651-2575 or submit an online Telecommunications Work Order

Web Help Desk can be accessed at using your SE Key and password. Select the following Request Type(s) to request new service

  • Telephone
    • Telephone → POTS → New Service

For information on using telephone equipment or features, begin by reviewing the information provided on the Telephone Equipment and Audix Voicemail pages.


While each department has different training regimens for different positions, many positions involve the use of Banner, the administrative system that runs the business processes of the University. Training is provided for most Banner tasks and further training materials can be requested. To be granted security access to Banner, your supervisor must complete the Banner Training request form. All Banner related finance courses are offered online.


Once hired, your department is responsible for placing a work order requesting a computer set-up. A basic campus image will be placed on the computer. If departmental specific licensed software is desired on the image, the work order should include this special request.

Request a Guest Wi-Fi Account

Guest Wi-Fi Access

NOTE: This applies to single or a small number of guests. This DOES NOT apply to guest access for large meetings, workshops or conferences.

Individual Guest Wi-Fi accounts can be setup for periods of 1 – 10 days. (Anything longer than 10 days requires special arrangements).

Guest Wi-Fi accounts should be requested by a full-time employee of Southeast Missouri State University. For the purpose of this document, this person will be referred to as the sponsor. A sponsor is usually someone from a department on campus who has invited the guest or is responsible for them during their stay.

Guests of the university, sometimes reside on campus during their visit, many do not. Guest Wi-Fi accounts are available whether the guest(s) stay on campus or not.

Information Required to Request Guest Wi-Fi Access

Sponsors interested in requesting Wi-Fi access for their guests should contact the DoIT Help Desk, at least one business day in advance, and be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Guest’s name
  • With what department are they associated?
  • Arrival date and time (approximate)
  • Departure date and time
    • Will they be here after 5:00 pm on the date of departure?
    • Are they staying on campus? If yes… where?
      • If they are staying in a residence hall, which one and what room?
      • If they are staying at Johnson Faculty Center, are they staying in the North or South suite?

Sponsors can either e-mail the Help Desk at or fill out this form.

After this information is provided, the guest’s user information will be generated, and this will be communicated to the sponsor via email.

Suggested Next Steps for Sponsor Prior to the Guest Arrival

The sponsor will need to communicate the account information to guest upon (or prior to) arrival.

Because the connection process does require some user intervention, it might be helpful for the sponsor to ask the guest what types of devices they are planning to connect while on campus. The Department of Information Technology provides step-by-step instructions for connecting most popular devices to the campus Wi-Fi. These instructions can be made available to the guest upon their arrival.

If for some reason, the guest’s plans change, the Help Desk should be notified immediately so the account can be disabled or re-enabled for the appropriate amount of time.

Connecting to Wifi Using Guest Wi-Fi Account

Welcome to Southeast Missouri State University!

Whether you are here for the day, or a longer period of time, we hope your time on campus is rewarding. The Information Technology Department is here to help while you are here.

If you are visiting Southeast as a presenter, or to attend a meeting, chances are you will need to access the Internet on campus. With this in mind, the Southeast IT Department allows the use of guest wireless (WiFi) accounts

The department you are working with can request a guest account on your behalf that can be used for periods of 1 to 10 consecutive days. The account information will be provided to you upon your arrival on campus.

Your guest account will permit you to connect securely to our WiFi network and access the Internet. It will consist of a SE Key (username) and password.

The process involves connecting your device to the Southeast wireless network and registering the device with your guest account. Once the device is registered it will connect to the Southeast wireless network automatically once a signal is detected.

We’ve provided instructions for the most common devices below:

If you are using a different device while on campus, contact the IT Help Desk for assistance at 573-651-4357 (Ext 4357 from Campus phones). The IT Help Desk is open 24/7.

We hope you enjoy your time at Southeast Missouri State University!


IT Help Desk

(573) 651-4357

IT Office

(573) 651-2217
One University Plaza
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701