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Q: Admission Holds: (6), #96, Closed
Three issues with holds: a)Admission holds are a problem for advisors at centers, particulary; can we give advisors permission to lift admission holds?
A: "AD" hold will continue to be used to prevent an enrolled student with an incomplete admission file from enrolling for a second semester. "AF" hold will no longer be used. However, a new student should not be given the PIN # for registration purposes until they have been advised. New, first-time students are required to attend a First Step Orientation.

Q: Web Application: (6), #57, Closed
Web application problems being experienced by the graduate office.
A: This problem has been resolved.

Q: Departmental Budget Access: (6), #5, Closed
Concern about everyone having access to view all departmental budgets.
A: This was the way the old system also worked. Open security is used so each area can do budget transfers.

Q: Failure to Require Budget Custodian Approval: (6), #6, Closed
Concern about Purchasing initiating purchase requisitions without budget custodians approval or knowledge (e.g., advertisement for bids).
A: Sent word document to set up 3 requitions: one for bid and two for ads. This was mandatory July 1, 2006.

Q: Details request on Budget Reports: (6), #15, Open
Need for consumable supplies and Printing & Duplicating jobs to be described in detail on the budget reports in Banner Finance
A: A new system is in progress of being built and it will soon be determined as to where the information can be requested.

Q: Details request on Budget Reports: (6), #16, Open
Need for phone and long distance detail charges to be listed in the budget reports in Banner Finance.
A: A new system is in progress of being built and it will soon be determined as to where the information can be requested. Currently, this information is provided by the Accounting Dept. Contact Lynda Seabaugh for further information.

Q: Automatic Notification on Purchase Reqs: (6), #20, Closed
After a purchase requisition is submitted, can the approver be notified automatically?
A: Approver is currently notified when logged in to INB.

Q: Vendor Codes and Addresses: (6), #21, Closed
Banner code for vendor: have to go to multiple screens to get code and vendor address.
A: FTIIDEN is the only form users are taught to use. Search by name only, don't look up address on the system.

Q: Conflict with Purchasing and Accounts Payable: (6), #22, Closed
Some vendor codes that A/P uses are not recognized by Purchasing. Appears Purchasing and Accounting departments are not pulling vendor codes and addresses from the same system. When filling out a purchase requisition, if Purchasing does not have vendor code info in their system, user has to remove the vendor code already entered and type all of the address info.
A: User should not be filling in ID on requisition form, should be using text-field. Really is distinguished as AP vs Purchasing on FTMVEND.

Q: Incomplete Vendor Addresses: (6), #38, Closed
Purchasing address are not complete, causes manual entry by user.
A: If a vendor is on the system but a PO has not been sent, there is no address; will need to go to text--this cannot be fixed.

Q: Student worker access to budget query functions: (6), #48, Closed
Ability for student workers to conduct budget queries.
A: This is a training and security issue. Account custodian should be responsible.

Q: Re-entry of index code: (6), #49, Closed
When creating purchase requisitions, the form does not keep the index code, requiring re-entry.
A: The index code clears after it is validated and fills in the program code, fund, and organization; no need to re-enter Index code.

Q: Clearing of data during budget transfers: (6), #73, Closed
Additional time required when account info is cleared out when pressing the validate button while doing a budget transfer and user is required to re-enter info once again
A: Index is set to fund organization. Program code must enter index then validate/complete, then enter account. If account is entered prior to validate/complete, it will bank it out. Explained in training--cannot be corrected.

Q: Pell Grant Report: (6), #47, Open
Pell Grant Report needed by January 07
A: See Karen Walker

Q: Financial Aid Holds: (6), #97, Closed
B) Financial Aid holds are a real problem for all Pas. They have to call the FA office and are placed on hold while the student waits and waits. Interacting with the FA office is a problem. Could there be a single point of contact--a hot line for PA's?
A: Enrollment is not prevented by Financial Aid holds but there are several Accounts Receivable holds that may interfere. The hot-line to Financial Services (Student A/R) is 651-2253.

Q: Adjusted Student Bill Printout: (6), #87, Open
Not able to print out student's adjusted bill with due date when making changes in classes (use to be able to do so).
A: It is hoped CORE will provide adjusted student bill printouts by January 1, 2007.

Q: Hold Issue: (6), #58, Closed
Hold issue: SFAREGS-account holds, delinquent holds are being placed on students even when there shouldn't be a hold. Department then must contact SFS and have the hold manually removed. Even once removed, the hold reoccurs.
A: Holds can occur if a student is delinquent or has other issues that cause a financial hold to be placed on the account. Please contact Student Financial Services at 651-2253 if there are errors with the holding process

Q: Core Project Status Report: (6), #65, Open
The entire campus would like a status report on the Core project and functionality
A: Please contact Verona Lambert at 651-2253 with any questions regarding Accounts Receivables

Q: Enrolling Students: (6), #66, Closed
Do those enrolling students have to manually enter program fees (i.e., fees such as nursing, lab) or will the fee be charged automatically--and will student see this charge immediately reflected on the online statement?
A: Departments enter their own fees. Unless a fee is tied to a specific course and the charge is in connection with fee assessment, miscellaneous departments must enter their own charges. For questions regarding this, and/or for training and access, please contact Student Financial Services at 651-2253.

Q: Accounts Payable Holds: (6), #98, Closed
c)Accounts Payable holds. Often a student is prevented from enrolling because of a trivial amount still remaining to be paid (25 cents). Under legacy, Student Accounts was able to set the amount higher and add certain conditions. Can we duplicate or approximate this under Banner?
A: Accounts Receivable holds are actually no different than in Legacy. We use the same paramenters and conditions that we processed in the Legacy system. If you believe holds are occurring incorrectly, please contact Student Financial Services at 651-2253 to let us know and the incidence will be researched.

Q: GAs Refund of Dropped Courses: (6), #55, Closed
GAs drop course but the refund is going to the student, even though the department paid for the course.
A: It was decided the Graduate Office would monitor enrollment by placing restrictions on the courses. The Grad Office will notify Student Financial Services if an assistantship should be adjusted. (X-10/2/2006)

Q: Nonpayment List of Students: (6), #101, Closed
The lists of students dropped for nonpayment provided by Student Accounts are cumbersome Excel spreadsheets. Students are identified by course and instructor, but not by department. We need to add department and college indicators and distribute to departments directly rather than to PAs.
A: A roster list for students dropped for non-payment is on the IT Project list. We hope to have this completed before the beginning of the spring semester.

Q: Frequently Used Forms: (6), #52, In Progress
Organized list of frequently used forms
A: Lists from two staff members will be combined and provided on the web. If any others have created lists of this type, please share with IT Department.

Q: Cheat Sheets: (6), #51, In Progress
Need of cheat sheets on field information.
A: Ruth Vetter may have this started.


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