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Moodle Activity and Maintenance

Moodle Maintenance

Moodle maintenance tasks are required each week. To avoid interruptions, please plan your schedule accordingly.

  • Saturday mornings are reserved for maintenance on all Moodle systems (Learning/Learning2/Academy/Public/Archive). These systems may not be available from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Please plan accordingly.
  • The main Moodle domain ( is backed up every weekday. However, maintaining local or online backups of courses or course work is still recommended.
  • All Moodle (Learning/Learning2/Academy/Public/Archive) system upgrades, backups, or maintenance events that are scheduled to extend past or differ from the previously listed time frames are announced in the Southeast Newswire and My Southeast Portal.
  • Other interuptions may be viewed here.

Moodle Instances


Purpose: Production System; hold two years of courses for importing purposes.

    Current Content:
  • Spring 2017, 18, 19 courses and student content
  • Summer 2017, 18 courses and student content, summer 19 Course container only
  • Fall 17 courses and student content, Fall 18 courses only
  • UI100 Master Courses (everything related to the various UI100 Master courses)


Purpose: Used for the purpose of trainings; provide an area not Banner based or for access by new staff and faculty that do not have an activated SE Key.

    Current Content:
  • Demo course
  • Test course


Purpose: Used for the purpose of providing a server that can authenticate SE Keys but public access can be granted. To provide exams or copies of classes access to members of the public that would need a Moodle instance.

    Current Content:
  • Writing proficiency exam
  • Math proficiency exam
  • NSA review of cyber security courses
  • Testing Services content


IT Help Desk

(573) 651-4357
Memorial Hall 107

IT Office

(573) 651-2217
One University Plaza
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701