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The AMX Ascendo Vibe 5100 is a webcam/speaker combo.

Product Explanation:

Demo and Setup:

Do not turn off the power to the AMX Ascendo Vibe. The system should be set up, but if settings change for which microphone or speaker is in use, it will have to be manually reconfigured.

Audio Configurations:

  • If you are in a room that has speakers in the ceiling, go to the Zoom Audio Settings and ensure that they match the picture below:
  • Ceiling Speakers Settings
  • If you are in a room that does not have speakers, use the AMX Ascendo Vibe Speakers by going to the Zoom Audio Settings and ensuring that they match the picture below:
  • Ascendo Vibe Speaker Settings
  • To ensure that you are sharing audio with remote students, check the Share computer sound checkbox when beginning a Zoom meeting. For example, this is necessary for remote students to hear a YouTube video that you play on the computer.
  • Share Computer Sound setting

Part 1: Scheduling

Dempster 105 is a classroom that is capable for Zoom teaching, but it does have a special setup that requires scheduling in advance to use. Dempster 105 must be scheduled before 5 p.m. on a weekday to set up the camera sessions. Call Media Services at (573) 986-6880 to make a reservation for the room.

Part 2: Equipment

Part 3: Zoom

The Huddlecam Go offers everything you need to start delivering remote lectures, and does so in a compact and stylish package. This sleek device offers a webcam, microphone, and speaker system with just a simple USB plug-in. Learn more below.



Some classrooms have recently been upgraded with the addition of a secondary monitor. This dual monitor setup allows for more efficient and effective ways to teach, as well as adding additional multitasking capabilities.

Dual Monitor Setup: Two monitors work as two joined workspaces, where the monitor on the left is typically the one being projected. Right monitor to Left monitor: To move content open on the right monitor over to the left monitor, click and drag theTitle Bar of the software window you want to move from the right monitor, to the left monitor-then release the mouse. This also works in reverse. Left monitor to Right monitor: to move open software windows on the left monitor to the right, click and drag the title bar of the software window you want to move that is located on the right monitor, over to the left monitor-then release. Note: it may be easier for you to make this move when the software window is not in full screen mode. If you minimize the window to be moved slightly, is can be helpful.

TheTouchscreen Monitor: If the monitor on the left is a touchscreen monitor display, it will allow you to use Midrosoft Ink or OneNote (Draw function) to mimic your Whiteboard. In addition to the ability to save information typically written on a chalk or whiteboard, this is the preferred way to write on a Whiteboard for the benefit of your remote students or those students that sit in the back of the room. More information on using this software is available.

The touch feature will allow you to write or draw using your finger or a Stylus pen, if available. Touchscreens can be cleaned using the same tools used to clean the mouse and the keyboard before each class.

Using PowerPoint with Dual Monitors: While not necessary, when using Zoom and PowerPoint, you may want to make changes to your Zoom settings. A video to show you how this change will affect you is available. If you use Zoom through a web browser, you have limited features so you won't be able to make this setting change. If using the Zoom client/app, steps require you to 1) Open and login to the Zoom app (not through the browser) 2)Open Settings (Click on the microphone up arrow and select audio settings) 2) Click on General from the menu, 3) Click on the Dual Monitor option. This will automatically select "Enter full screen automatically..." but you can click to deselect this option.

To share your ELMO when using Zoom: Click on the Share button on your Zoom taskbar. Click on the Advanced tab to select the ELMO.

To prevent a feedback loop when using ELMO and Zoom: While in Zoom, click on the video arrow, choose the L-12W camera, and when finished using the ELMO, reselect your webcam. Drag the ELMO screen over to the monitor that is projecting. Note: the software may activate the webcam microphone also, which may cause a feedback loop.


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