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The Office of International Education & Services does not provide tax advice, but we recommend you understand your tax obligations.  The taxation arm of the U.S. federal government is the Internal Revenue Service, commonly called the "IRS." Visit for additional information.

International Students with No U.S. Income 

International students will need to file a form 8843 if they had no U.S. income in the previous tax year. Form 8843 is not an income tax return form. It is an informational document required by the U.S. government for international students with no U.S. income.

International Students with U.S. Income

Federal Tax Filing Requirements

International students are considered nonresident aliens for tax purposes and are required to file taxes if they were present in the United States anytime during the previous tax year.

F-1 or J-1 Visa Holders with US Income

International students in the U.S. on an F-1 or J-1 visa with U.S. income in the previous tax year must file a form 1040NR or 1040-EZ.  Access to tax preparation software specifically designed for international student needs is available at no charge to the student.  Please note that this service is available only to currently enrolled international students and those on OPT. Information about this software will be sent to all international students via email.

State Tax Filing Requirements

International students who are required to file a federal Form 1040NR or Form 1040NR-EZ (with Missouri income of $600 or more), must file a form MO-1040.

The Missouri state tax form is available at


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