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Spring 2021 COVID-19 Option: begin online, finish on-campus

Enrollment information for Spring 2021 admitted students who have not obtained a visa

Thank you for your continued interest in Southeast Missouri State University!  We can't wait to see you on campus very soon.  However, we know that visas are still difficult to obtain, and we understand that you may not be able to make it beautiful Cape Girardeau in time for the beginning of the Spring 2021 semester.   

If you are in this situation, do not worry!  Southeast has some different options for you to begin your academic future with us.  One option is to begin taking online courses that will count towards your degree requirements in the Spring 2021 semester, then you can come to campus in a future semester when you have successfully obtained a visa.  The possible benefits of beginning your program with online courses are: 

  • You can begin your program before you’ve obtained a visa 
  • Save money as the Web Only tuition rate is considerably less than the Non-resident tuition rate our in-residence students pay (please see “Tuition and Scholarship Information” below for complete details) 
  • Improve your odds of obtaining a student visa as it shows the visa officer you are truly connected to Southeast and you are a serious student

Choosing the enrollment option that is best for you

At this point, you must make a choice about what to do with your admission status for Spring 2021.  If you do nothing, your admission will be rescinded, and your SEVIS record will be canceled (if you’ve paid your SEVIS fee). NOTE: If you have obtained a visa, please be sure to coordinate your arrival with Dr. Brooke DeArman at

The following are your options and the instructions you need to follow.  

Southeast will continue offering face-to-face courses in the Spring 2021 semester. Therefore, you are still welcome to apply for a visa in the hopes of arriving in time for the January 25th start date. If this is your plan, simply follow our normal admission process.  Good luck obtaining your visa and keep us posted on your progress! 
Please note, if you do not obtain a visa that allows you to arrive in time for the January 25 start date, you must complete Option 2 below to defer your admission and SEVIS record to a later intake.  

We understand some of you want to begin your academic program when you are able to come to campus.  If this is your choice, you can easily defer your admission to a future term.  The deadline to defer your admission is January 25, 2021. Kindly note we cannot guarantee you will be able to retain your previously issued SEVIS ID (if applicable) unless we receive your application AND resolve any pending items before the start of the term the original I-20 was issued for.   

To defer your application, simply click here and complete the online portion of the application again, this time with your new entry term.  To defer your admission, you WILL NOT have to pay the application fee again. 

Once your new application has been processed, you will be notified if we need anything else from you. Your application will then be reviewed and an admission decision will be made.  You can expect a decision on your deferral in 2-4 weeks.

Please note:  
We require proof of English proficiency to have been done within two (2) years of your new program start date. If you have submitted an English language test score, the test date must be within 2 years of the new program start date of August 16 for the Fall 2021 semester. 

Similarly, we require all financial documentation to be dated within one (1) year of the program start date, which is August 16 for the Fall 2021 semester.  If the financial documents you originally submitted are dated before August 16, you need to send us new ones in order to get your updated I-20 or DS-2019. Click here for more information about the Affidavit of Financial Support, and here for more information on financial proof standards.


NOTE: The deadline to choose this option has passed.  There is no longer time to get you enrolled in online courses

Step 1: Complete this form by January 18, 2021 to confirm you wish to begin your program by taking courses online, but still intend to come to campus once it is possible.  Once you have completed the form, we will be in touch with you and you will be required to complete our online new international student orienation.  Once you complete the orientation, we will connect you with an acaemic advisor who will help you enroll in Spring 2021 online courses.

Step 2: To being your program with online courses, we must defer your SEVIS record to a Fall 2021 start.  In order to do so, all the financial documents submitted for your admission must be since August 15, 2020.  Please check the dates on the financial documents you submitted as part of your application.  If either one is older than August 15, 2020, you must submit a new one to us at Click here for more information about the Affidavit of Financial Support, and here for more information on financial proof standards.   

Also, your updated SEVIS Record/Form I-20 with a deferred in-person start date will be emailed to your Southeast email account before February 28. 

1) If you are admitted for the Spring 2021 semester but do not enroll in any courses, you will need to follow the instructions in Option 2 to defer your admission and SEVIS records to a future term. 

2) Beginning your academic by enrolling in online courses may impact any international merit-based scholarships you initially qualified for.  Please read the "Tuition and Scholarship" information below

Important information about beginning your program online

Online courses are robust and academically rigorous, and they go on your permanent academic higher education records.  Quality access to technology and internet is essential for you to be successful.  Please do not consider taking online courses unless you  are certain  to have  access to the content and will be able to participate  in the courses in a meaningful and consistent way.

Tuition and Scholarship Information

The scholarship a student receives and the tuition rate they pay when they begin their program with online courses depends on several different factors.  Click here to see the different tuition rates.  Please read the following closely to understand the different options.  

1) If a student’s major is offered by Southeast Online as a program which can be completed completely online, they can choose to pay the Web Only tuition rate for their online courses.  The Web Only tuition rate is considerably less than the Non-resident tuition rate in-person international students pay.   Please note: 

  • Students whose major is one of the following can choose to pay the Web Only tuition rate for their online courses, no matter how many credit hours they are enrolled in.      
    • Intensive English Programs (conditional admission allowable)  
    • Master’s (graduate) Degree: Accounting (MBA), Applied Computer Science (MS), Criminal Justice (MS),  Health Administration (MS), Healthcare Management (MBA), Management (MS), Public Administration (MPA), General Management (MBA), TESOL: Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (MA), Technology Management (MS)  
    • Bachelor’s (undergraduate) Degree: Business Administration (BS), Accounting (BS), Computer Information Systems (BS), Criminal Justice (BS), Family Studies (BS), General Studies (BS), Healthcare Administration (BS), Healthcare Management (BS), Interdisciplinary Studies (BS), Psychology (BA), Social Science (BS), Technology Management (BS)
  • Because of the low Web Only tuition rate, no international merit based scholarships are available while the student is receiving the Web Only rate.  
  • An undergraduate student who begins with online courses and pays the Web Only tuition rate is no longer eligible to claim an international merit-based scholarship if they complete 13 or more credit hours online prior to coming to campus.   
  • An undergraduate student who pays the Web Only tuition rate and completes 13 or more online credit hours is eligible for the $2,000 per year International Transition Scholarship when they come to campus to complete their degree.   
  • Students paying the Web Only tuition rate who complete 12 or fewer credit hours online will still be eligible to claim the international merit-based scholarship they qualified for at the time of admission when they come to campus.  

2) Students whose major is listed above can choose to pay the Non-resident tuition rate with General Fees AND receive the international merit-based scholarship they qualified for IF they maintain full-time enrollment during their semester of online courses (full-time for undergraduate students is 12 hours; 9 hours for graduate students).  Students selecting this option will keep their international merit-based scholarship when they come to campus provided they have met the scholarship renewal criteria (see "Additional Details & Deadlines" here). 

3) Students whose major is not a program offered by Southeast Online listed above can still begin their program by taking online courses.  They will pay the Non-resident tuition rate and General Fees for the any online courses they take.  These students will be able to claim their international merit-based scholarship for their online courses provided they are enrolled full-time in online courses.  And they will be able to keep their scholarship once they come to campus provided they meet all the renewal criteria (see "Additional Details & Deadlines" here).  

Questions?  Please contact us at 

For information on how we are honoring our commitment to work with our valued recruitment partners, please click here. 


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