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International Business Major

 The Harrison College of Business offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in International Business.

The primary objective of the International Business Program is to provide a specialized curriculum for students interested in in preparing themselves for managerial careers in international business. Students will gain competence in various facets of international business. The major is interdisciplinary in nature and emphasizes the development of cultural, financial, managerial, marketing,and economic understanding of international environment.

This program includes course work in

  • General Education (51 hours)
  • general business core (39 hours)
  • an international business core (9 hours)
  • a required minor (3-12 hours in accounting, economics, finance, management or marketing)
  • foreign language/cultural classes (3-12 hours) (foreign language or cultural awareness courses depending upon previous multiple language skills displayed).

The General Education requirements provide a common base with all University Students related to becoming a life-long learner. The general business core provides a common background with other business majors. The international business core provides a common base with other international business majors. The functional minor offers a specific concentration that gives students a fundamental understanding within a functional area of business. The foreign language/cultural minor contributes to the students cultural functioning within the international business environment.

To supplement course offerings , students are required to participate in an international business related experience. This experience could be satisfied by completing international business study outside the U.S. or participating in an international business oriented internship. This international experience further enhances students' international understanding and capability.

The graduates of the International Business Program will seek employment with companies participating in international business trade. The potential employers will be small businesses and large multinational corporations.

Courses & Curriculum

  International Business Major Effective Fall 2009
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration  
General Education Core Business Courses Prerequisites International Business Major
51Hours 39 hours (Min. Grade of C) Minimum Grade of C 21 hours
UI100 First Year Seminar 3 hrs ● AD101 Intro to Microcomputer     International experience required of all majors
EN100 English Composition 3 hrs Applications 3 hrs   0 credit hours (international business study,
Perspectives on Individual Expression   ● AC221 Principles of Financial     international business oriented internship
12 hours   Accounting 3 hrs AD101, MA134, Sophomore Standing or international work experience); Approval
● Artistic Expression 3 hrs ● AC222 Principles of Managerial     of International Director required.
● Literary Expression 3 hrs Accounting 3 hrs AC221  
● Oral Expression   ● MI375 Management Information     International Business Core
SC105 Fund of Oral Comm 3 hrs Systems 3 hrs AD101, MG301 9 hours
● Written Expression   ● QM257 Business Statistics 3 hrs AD101, MA139 These hours are in addition to the 3 hours
EN140 Rhetorical and Critical 3 hrs ● BL255 Legal Environment of     required in the business core requirements.
Thinking   Business 3 hrs Sophomore Standing Choose from:
Perspectives on Natural Systems   ● MG301 Principles of     ● AC540 International Accounting
12 hours   Management 3 hrs Junior Standing ● EC580 International Economics
● Behavioral Systems 3 hrs ● MK301 Principles of     ● FI540 International Finance
● Living Systems 3 hrs Marketing 3 hrs Junior Standing ● MG560 International Management
● Logical Systems   ● QM352 Quantitative Methods 3 hrs MA139, QM257 ● MK560 International Marketing
MA134 College Algebra 3 hrs ● QM358 Production Operations     ● BA560 International Business
● Physical Systems 3 hrs Management 3 hrs QM352 ● BA458 International Business Internship
Perspecitives on Human Institutions   ● International Business Course 3 hrs   ● MG/MK478 Global Logistics
12 hours   Choose one from:     Required Minor
● Development of a Major   AC540 International Accounting   AC332, Senior Standing ● Students must complete a minor in one
Civilization 3 hrs EC580 International Economics   EC215, EC225, MA134, Sr Standing of the following areas:
● Economics Systems 3 hrs FI540 International Finance   FI361, Senior Standing Accounting
● Political Systems 3 hrs MG560 International Management   MG301 Economics
● Social Systems 3 hrs MK560 International Marketing   MK301 Finance
Interdisciplinary Courses   BA560 International Business   MG301, MK301, Senior Standing Management
9 hours   ● FI361 Financial Management 3 hrs EC215, EC225, AC221, AC222 Marketing
● UI300 Level 6 hrs     Junior Standing Administrative Systems Management
See UI list below   ● BA490 Business Policy and   The entire Business Administration Entrepreneurship AND
● UI400 Level 3 hrs Strategy 3 hrs Core and Senior Standing SEE BELOW FOR FOREIGN
UI400 Ethics and Business   See below for required support courses LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS
International Business Major
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Recommended General Education 300 Level Course Options   Support Courses for BSBA Degree
Choose 2 from:   AD252 Business Communications
UI304 The History and Culture of West Africa   EC215 Principles of Microeconomics
UI307 Economic Geography   EC225 Principles of Macroeconomics
UI308 Cultural and Physical Landscapes of the World   EN140 Rhetorical and Critical Thinking
UI322 Internatioanl Political Economy   MA134 College Algebra
UI326 Australian Culture   MA139 Applied Calculus
UI343 Transcultural Experience   SC105 Fundamentals of Oral Communications
UI347 Living in a Global Society   UI400 Business Ethics
UI349 Comparative Economic Systems    
UI350 Middle East Politics   Some support courses may fulfill General Education Requirements.
UI379 Intercultural Communicaiton    
(or other courses approved by Directore of International Business Programs.)   A grade of "C" or better is required in each support course
1. 3 credit hours of university foreign    
language/Culture instruction (or equivalent*)    
AND a Term Study Abroad    
2. 12 credit hours of foreign language    
AND an Immersion Program    
* At least 2 years of high school foreign language with a grade of C or better    


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